Rappelling Equipment and Rappelling Gear

So, What About Us?

The entire team at RappellingEquipment consists of motivated climbers eager to provide the best information from Climbing and Rappelling to Camping and Mountaineering gear, including practical advice written from our experience.

We are a team of five authors, outdoor friends who started this outdoor website, rappellingequipment.com, because we wanted to share our adventures, our passion for climbing and rappelling, and our shared love for well-crafted rappelling gear and outdoor equipment. We are not experts because experts don’t exist.

We are Explorers. We are Enthusiasts. We are Well-Rounded Outdoor Junkies.

Through this website, RappellingEquipment, we express our love for Nature. We cherish every wild plant and every wild creature with a beating heart. We prefer who we become when we breathe the fresh air of the mountains. And all this experience can’t be taken from us – it is only to be shared with our readers, who share our passion.

We try our best to live through Authenticity. This is how we write our Gear Reviews.

  • Tested the product because he already owned it.
  • Borrowed the product from a friend.
  • Gathered more information about the product from friends and friends of friends.
  • Asked for more information about the product on all major climbing forums.
  • Tried to find at least ten genuine reviews on the internet, negative, neutral, and positive.

And to be honest with you, we are part of a community of nature conservation, and we don’t encourage buying equipment we don’t need. If we can borrow the gear from our friend to test and review it, we will be sure to do so first. We are minimalist, and we don’t encourage material ownership. Public lands are all we need to “own.”

So, if we can avoid buying gear we don’t need, but can borrow – we’ll do so.

If you can avoid buying new gear and still safely use your old piece of equipment, please, do so. There are many ways to save, fix, improve, and take care of your old equipment to prolong its life span.

Be the change you want to see in people.

– Much Love,

RappellingEquipement Team