Best Anchor Knot for Rappelling

Best Anchor Knot for Rappelling

It is important to note the anchor is responsible for holding you up as you rappel. Don’t be in a hurry or careless when preparing anchor knots for rappelling.

Double-check to ensure you have a trustworthy and sturdy anchor knot for rappelling that can sustain your weight and that of your friends. This post will go through the types and ways to choose the best anchor knot for rappelling.

How to Tie a Rappel Knot

The most important thing is determining where to tie the rope on the solid object, where an artificial or natural anchor is available.

Secondly, using a quick link or a rap ring and standard tubular webbing, make a curve using the water knot. Wind your rope via the anchor, and you are good for rappelling. Here is a guide on how to anchor a rope for rappelling.

Anchor Knot for Rappelling

Good Anchors to Tie the Best Anchor Knot for Rappelling

You need to find a strong anchor on which to tie the best anchor knots for rappelling. Here are some options to consider.

1) Tree

This is the best anchor to tie your rope when rappelling. It is essential to ensure the tree is well-rooted, sturdy, alive, and large enough so it can sustain your weight. Try adjusting the webbing to avoid damaging the tree bark.

2) Boulder

It is also important to ensure it is big enough to hold the weight and the shape is good enough such that the anchor can’t slip, leading to an accident.

Ensure you are on the lookout for hollow parts, cracks, and rocks that may seem weak. Also, be keen on some sharp edges that may interfere with your webbing.

3) Chockstones

It is a rock strategically placed in a crack so that it doesn’t drop any further. Although you shouldn’t trust it much because it may shake, you can use this if it is the only available option. You must ensure the rock is solid and not a product of sandstones.

4) Natural Objects

You can be creative enough and come up with your anchor from natural objects such as a cliff, fallen logs, and bushes. It is up to you to test if the objects can easily move and are safe enough for your rappelling.

Rappelling Anchor Knot

5) Pitons/Bolts

When looking for places to tie the anchor, it is essential to find some existing anchors that may have been used for rappelling. A good example is a two-bolt anchor consisting of runners and webbing. 

Be keen on them to ensure they are not old or rusted and are sturdy to hold your weight. Pull them to ensure they are never loose or may spin in the event of pulling.

Other Knots or Gear

Again look out for the existing anchors keenly. Do you have a greater option? How solid is it? Ensure there is no much webbing on the anchor. A major concern about existing anchors should be safety.

Just because someone else has used it in the past does not mean it is safe. You shouldn’t put your trust in the pre-existing anchors you find. Check them for sturdiness.

Anchor Knot for Rappelling Down

How to Tie an Anchor Knot for Rappelling

Making an anchor for rappelling is not as easy as you may assume. It is important never to skip an anchor since it may make your rappel unsafe. Don’t do the anchor knots cheaply since you are risking your life and that of your friends. Ensure you use quick links or rappelling rings so your rope can run through.

It is way cheap. Make sure you do a replacement of worn-out, faded, and brittle webbing that you may encounter, especially in unconducive climates. Carry extra gear. You may not be aware when you land on a compromised anchor.

It is essential always to remember the two rules for creating anchors, which are equalizing and redundancy of the anchor. To make equalized anchors ensure your anchor is in a natural object like a boulder or tree. For redundancy, consider anchoring giant boulders and trees together to obtain maximum security.

Final Verdict

One thing you should be keen on after going through this post is picking anchors; it is important to do a test on all the existing anchors, use equalize and redundancy anchors, as well as carrying extra gear.

In the article, we have also tackled some of the best anchor knots for rappelling. It is now upon you to make the right choice on your anchors when rappelling.

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