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March 27, 2021

Best Climbing Helmet with Face Shield

Whether you are a mountaineer, rock climber, or arborist, you must have all the safety gear required to complete the task safely. Climbing helmets play an essential role in any kind of climbing event as they protect the head of the climber in case of falls while climbing. 

But a helmet with face shield can provide an added protection as it helps in protecting the face from impacts from sides also. In this write-up, we are going to discuss the helmets that have a face shield.

What is a Helmet with Face Shield?

A helmet with face shield is a helmet on which a shield made of polycarbonate is attached with the help of brackets on the helmet to protect the eyes and ears of the wearer along with his head from impacts not only from the top but also from the left and right sides.

Helmet with Face Shield

What is the Purpose of Using a Helmet with Face Shield?

The primary purpose of using a helmet with face shield is to protect the entire face of the wearer as it works as an isolation protection mask to protect your face from harmful and infectious matters. Some climbers even use climbing helmets with ear protection.

It can protect your head and face not only from the impacts from sides and top but also from infectious bacteria, viruses, and germs, etc. while inhaling in the infected environment.

The face shield on the helmet can provide complete protection to your face compared to wearing only a face shield. It allows you to see clearly through its crystal clear visor to complete your task perfectly without any risk of getting injured by the flying objects.

The purpose of making these helmets from impact-resistant and highly strong materials is to provide all-around protection to the head and face of the wearer. They are equipped with headbands made of foam and soft lining of plastic to protect your head from all types of impacts while falling.  

Who is Using such a Helmet?

Helmets with face shields are used by people involved in various types of works like tree climbers, arborists, rock climbers, mountaineers as well as health workers, etc.

Climbing Helmet with Face Shield

They can also be used by industrial workers, workers on construction and forestry tasks to make it convenient and comfortable for them to work in a protected environment. Initially, they were used by all types of climbers, including arborists, to protect their heads from falls and ears and eyes from impacts from sides.

But since the outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus, it is mandatory to wear for most health workers all over the world. These helmets provide complete protection to their head, face, and ears while doing any kind of work.

Why Helmet with Face Shield is Used?

The helmets with face shield are used by various people to protect not only their head, eyes, and ears from impacts from the top and sides but also them from infectious elements like bacteria, germs, and viruses while inhaling in the infected air. 

These helmets provide full protection to the men and women wearing climbing helmets as a safety shield to guard their eyes and face. In the event of an outspread of Coronavirus pandemic helmets with face, the shield has played a significant role in protecting the health workers while treating the infected people. 

Climbing Helmet for Small Heads

The face shield on these helmets has protected the wearers from the cough and droplets coming from the infected patients. They have reduced the risk of getting infected by coming in contact with the droplets from the patients while speaking or coughing.

The hat of these helmets with face shields is made of hard composite materials, and the visor shield is made of polycarbonate. In some cases, a mesh visor is also used with a hard hat to protect the face of the wearer in different conditions.

These helmets are made of highly strong and impact-resistant materials and are equipped with a soft lining of plastic and headbands made of foam to protect your head from all types of impacts while falling. They also include cushioned ear muffs to wear comfortably and protect your ears from impacts from the sides.

The earmuffs provided with the helmets with face shields block hearing ability and reduce noise for people working on different projects like brush cutters, chainsaws, demolition hammers, and trimmers, etc.

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