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November 5, 2021

How to Choose the Best Kayak Accessories

In the contemporary world, kayaking has become a popular activity. Before we look at the gears needed in kayaking, it is wise to know the activities you will be engaging in, to understand the essential accessories. 

With so many kayaking products on the market, it’s challenging to determine the ones you could do without, and the type of activity greatly determines the ones you need. Accessories play a significant role because they are a great way to personalize your boat by giving it the features you wish. 

If you have trouble deciding on the best kayak accessories to choose from, this article will help you have a broad review of a few kayak accessories.

How to Choose Kayak Accessories

How to Choose Kayak Accessories

Buying and knowing how to choose a kayak, a paddle, and a boat full of kayaking safety gear is not a complete assurance of a spectacular experience in the water. Accessories are needed to ensure that the fun is unlimited. The following are some of the kayak accessories that aid in giving the activity a fantastic experience.

  • Kayak paddle: It ensures ease of navigation in the boat since it is the primary means of propulsion, read our guide on how to choose a kayak paddle.
  • Kayak helmet: Like any other outdoor activity, a helmet is one of the mandatory accessories that one should have.
  • Wet suit: Kayakers dress for the water and not the weather. The wet suit ensures heat is not lost from the body of a Kayaker. It is always a skill to know what to wear kayaking.
  • Kayak life jacket (PDF): It is an essential accessory since water activity is risky.
  • Kayak carts: Carrying a boat can be tiresome when fully stocked or with no buddy to help. Rolling makes it easier.
  • Kayak shoes Ensure safety and comfort in the kayak as it minimizes injuries when one slips in or out of the kayak.
  • Kayak Storage Rack: Storage rack ensures that the kayak is stored at the right temperature and in the right place, free from any damage.
  • Screw-on deck mounts: A permanently attached accessory lets you keep items safe to avoid misplacement of equipment and ease of access.

Top 8 of the Best Kayak Accessories Explained

A good kayak is not enough to give you a fantastic experience in the activity. The gears provide complete assurance of a good experience in the water. Below is a list of the best kayak accessories you will ever need. 

1) Kayak paddle

Kayak paddle

Kayak paddle is the primary means of propulsion, especially when the paddle is not available. Having a good paddle is essential, and knowing how to use the paddle is another thing. One can own the item but lacks the skills on the usage. The technique of using the paddle is a crucial aspect to consider while thinking of kayaking.

Features of a kayak paddle

While choosing the paddle, the following features should be considered:

  • Length. The length of the paddle is determined by the width and height of the boat.
  • Blade: The shape and size of the paddle determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the paddle.
  • Material: The material of the paddle determines the effectiveness of the paddle. Lighter material is more effective in paddling.

2) Kayak helmet

Kayak helmet

A helmet is an essential accessory that helps protect the head from injuries and head-on encounters accidents. Putting on a helmet may seem too much for a fun activity, but a fatal brain injury is worse than a bruised ego. 


  • ABS outer shell has a hard surface that protects the head from the external impacts that may cause injuries.
  • Vents: Has 11 vents that provide ease while breathing.
  • Inner cushion: Protects the head by absorbing shock.

3) Wet suit for kayaking

Wet suit for kayaking

It is a specialized skin-tight bodysuit that protects one from soaking from the rainwater into the body. It does not entirely keep you from getting wet, but the thin layer of water trapped ensures that the heat from the body is not easily lost.


  • It’s a full-body wetsuit.
  • It is made of 3mm neoprene.
  • Have two nylon layers.

4) Kayak life jacket (PDF)

Kayak life jacket (PDF)

Once you’ve picked your boat, the next thing in mind is a life jacket. The jacket ensures your safety, bearing in mind purchasing one is also a requirement by law. 


  • Easily adjustable. 
  • Must have straps on the shoulder and at the waist.
  • It should be a perfect size, not too tight or big.

5) Kayak carts

Kayak carts

Where the boathouse is next to the water, a Cart is not necessary. It is convenient to have the cart in cases where one has to walk or drive to the shore. The absence of a cart makes it hard to carry a heavy-packed kayak for long distances, thus, learning how to pack a kayak is very important.

Types of carts

  • Center-hull carts:  Most convenient type as it is easy to roll the cart to the shore with little effort. The cart is placed in the middle of the kayak, and then it is moved to the water.
  • Stern wheels: The cart is placed on the back of the kayak. The kayak is pulled, and the wheels follow from behind. This type is not as convenient as the center hull carts.
  • Sit-on-top kayak carts: It is a type that has vertical prongs that slip into the scupper holes of a boat. It has adjustable width to fit in any sit-on-top kayak.

6) Kayak shoes

Kayak shoes

I have witnessed people paddle in regular tennis shoes, and some even go barefoot on several occasions. For proper safety and sliding risk control, Kayak shoes are best for paddling.


  • Flexible rubber soles that provide an excellent grip on the boat hence protection.
  • Has spandex tops that provide comfort due to tight feel in the water.
  • Has salt-resistant uppers that hold up well against saltwater.

7) Kayak Storage Rack

Kayak Storage Rack

A good kayak needs proper storage with a kayak storage rack. Poor storage might expose the risk of extreme UV light, theft, or even folds and fades within the kayak structure.


  • Spacious.
  • Padded arms.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor storage.

8) Screw-on deck mounts

Screw-on deck mounts for kayaks

They offer attachments to items while on board. Things such as electronic gadgets need a waterproof case to ensure their safety while in the activity.


  • Phone holder: Ensure easy access to the usual apps or those that you need during the activity.
  • Camera holder: To hold an action camera.
  • Beverage holder: Keeps your drink within an accessible distance.
  • A fishing-rod holder helps so you can react quickly when the big one strikes, if you are a fishing enthusiast, learn how to choose a fishing kayak.

Having an excellent kayaking experience is the wish of all the kayakers. Get yourself the best accessory that suits your boat and enjoy smooth safety rides with a kayak.

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