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November 17, 2020

best lightweight climbing harness

If you enjoy climbing, you are likely always looking for the perfect climbing harness. Whether you are a novice or an experienced climber, finding the ideal harness can make your climb more comfortable and more fun.

A lightweight climbing harness is one of the best options to choose from because it's less weight you must carry to the top of a mountain. They also provide a better and more comfortable fit.

The best lightweight climbing harness will provide versatility during all seasons and outlast other harnesses in terms of durability and strength. Here are the best ones on the market today if you are looking for a new lightweight climbing harness.

Best 5 Lightweight Climbing Harness Reviews

1) EDELRID Loopo Lite Climbing Harness

Lightweight Climbing Harness

This lightweight climbing harness is an excellent option because it features a double tie in a loop for a cozy fit, no matter what your body size or type may be. It features load-bearing edges made from Dyneema material, so you know you are getting only the best.

This high-quality climbing harness features detachable elastic straps for added convenience. It also features reflective loops so that you can work or play at night without having to worry about something happening.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced climbers because it comes with superb safety features and superior durability.

This is one of the safest options on the market because it has reflective loops, four loops to carry materials, detachable straps, and high-quality construction.

2) PETZL SITTA Climbing Harness for Professionals

Lightweight Climbing Harness

This stylish harness is an excellent option for people who will be getting a lot of use out of their equipment. It is both comfortable and durable and can outlive most other harnesses on the market. It is made of WIREFRAME technology to ensure even and ideal distribution of weight.

It features a very thin waist belt and loops for added comfort. These loops are great for people looking to carry other equipment with them. You can use the loops to quickly locate and use all of your materials.

These loops could help save or life and make your journey much more successful and fun. The belt and leg loops help prevent pressure points on your body so that you can feel comfortable wearing for more extended periods.

The belt is designed to spread out your weight evenly so that you do not need to reposition the straps and belts continually. You can easily hike and climb anywhere you want to go and not have to worry about how your belt feels.

This water-resistant harness also features an easy adjustment buckle for outstanding handling.

3) Petzl ALTITUDE Ultra-light Harness for Mountaineering and Ski

Lightweight Climbing Harness

This harness is excellent for all different types of activities and adventures. It features an incredibly lightweight design and construction. It includes a Double Back Light Buckle to easily and efficiently tighten or loosen straps. 

It features four equipment loops for added convenience during all desired activities. This harness also features WIREFRAME technology to give you ideal performance.

This technology is extremely sought after because it makes the harness much safer and more comfortable for anyone looking to use it. It can be used in a variety of different environments for all types of hikes.

This harness is one of the best on the market today because it has a streamlined design and is fully equipped with all features that anyone may need.

4) Mammut Zephir Alpine

Lightweight Climbing Harness

This harness is another excellent option for anyone. It comes in four different sizes, from small to extra-large, to ensure an optimal and comfortable fit for anyone looking to explore the outdoors. This harness features split webbing technology for added durability and strength.

This webbing makes it extremely breathable. No matter what type of weather you plan on enjoying, you can do so with this lightweight harness. It also includes Dyneema webbing to make this even more lightweight than other competitors.

It features two gear loops so that you can always keep your equipment close to it. This harness can easily be worn with a climbing backpack to keep you comfortable on all your hikes, no matter what the environment may be like. It features a drop-seat buckle with easy adjustment.

5) Climbing Technology QUARZO Single-Buckle Lightweight Harness

Lightweight Climbing Harness

This stylish and modern designed harness is an excellent option for those on a budget. It features all of the accommodations that others do, making it an incredible value. This harness is specifically designed for those looking to do sport climbing.

The belt around the waist and legs has been specifically designed to fit all body shapes and sizes and provide a functional and optimal fit. The V-shaped leg loops include thin padding and mesh to make your climb more comfortable.

You can relax easily, knowing that you will not sweat and slip out of this harness because the material is very breathable. You can easily use this harness in all types of environments.

This lightweight harness also features two tapered gear loops to help you easily carry all the things you will need on your journey. This harness features carabineers and lanyards for convenience and comfort.

Final Verdict: Which Is the Best Lightweight Climbing Harness

In my opinion and from my personal experience, the best lightweight climbing harness is the EDELRID Loopo Lite Climbing Harness. It features many safety features and comfort additions that the other harnesses do not offer.

This best lightweight climbing harness can be used on any adventure, light or dark, and can accommodate people of all sizes and shapes. It allows you to carry all types of equipment with you since it has four loops. It can be used in addition to other materials, like a backpack.

Best 5 Lightweight Climbing Harnesses for a Badass Climbing Experience

It is an excellent value for anyone looking to start this incredible adventure. No matter where you want to go or what you want to climb, these are all fantastic options because they are all lightweight and constructed of high-quality materials for added security and durability. Read our guide on the best dog rappelling harness.

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