October 7, 2021

Best Liquid Chalk for Climbing

Liquid chalk is an underrated secret weapon for many climbers, perfect for climbing in hot and humid conditions. 

Doing your analysis and finding the right, high-quality chalk could mean all the difference between getting the best grip when climbing or sliding off your hold in despair.

Thus, getting the best liquid chalk for climbing as an addition to your climbing tool kit is a massive plus to your confidence, experience, and general safety. This post contains information on what liquid chalk for climbing is, how liquid climbing chalk is made, and how it’s used.

We’ll also provide you with a detailed review of the five best liquid chalks for climbing to help you decide which product you’d consider using. At the end of the article, you’d have known the best liquid chalk to use for a better climbing experience.

Top Five Best Liquid Chalk

  1. Friction Labs Secret Stuff
  2. Black Diamond’s White-Gold Liquid Climbing Chalk
  3. Mammut Liquid Chalk
  4. Metolius Liquid Super Chalk
  5. Edelweiss Climbing chalk (liquid)

#1 Best performance liquid chalk: Friction Labs Secret Stuff

Friction Labs Secret Stuff liquid chalk for climbing comes in a 75ml tube and costs $20. Even though the product is a bit more expensive, per volume, than its competitors, it’s pretty efficient, of excellent quality, and provides a better grip for climbers.

There’s a significant difference between Friction Labs Secret Stuff and products from other competitors. Regardless, the product’s texture is quite fine and creamy compared to other competitors in the same category.

Friction Labs creates soft and extremely fine dry chalk. Therefore, it would be safer to assume that their liquid chalk could provide a similar experience. A single application of Friction Labs’ liquid chalk is guaranteed to leave your hands covered in chalk for an extended period.

The chalk is a mix of isopropyl alcohol and magnesium carbonate. However, if you are bothered by the smell of alcohol, Friction Labs provides you with alcohol and scent-free variations at the same price.

While Friction Labs doesn’t offer the same features provided by other liquid chalk products in this list, you’ll notice that they go to extreme lengths to ensure that all their products are of excellent quality. This is why most Friction Labs fans would rather stick with their products regardless.

#2 Best liquid climbing chalk: Black Diamond’s White-Gold Liquid Climbing Chalk

BD’s liquid White Gold is scientifically designed to improve your grip by reducing sweat and adding more friction to reduce the chances of losing your grip. 

The product’s high-tech recipe combines alcohol, BD’s dry chalk, and Upsalite to create a high-end product that keeps your hands dry for an extended period.

Upsalite is a highly absorbent magnesium carbonate compound that absorbs twice as much moistness as regular chalk would. One 150ml BD White-Gold liquid climbing chalk costs $25, making this product more costly in the chalk to money ratio.

Conducted tests have determined that upsalite does provide a longer-lasting chalk base coat, making the product incredibly useful for climbers. 

BD sells upsalite in a dry state, allowing climbers to mix it with other forms of climbing chalk to create the ultimate climbing chalk cocktail.

#3 Liquid climbing chalk: Mammut Liquid Chalk

The Mammut Liquid Climbing Chalk costs $20 per 200ml tube. The top-quality liquid climbing chalk is made from a simple recipe that contains no other additives. Squeeze it out of the tube, and you’ll notice that it contains a thick paste that covers your hands uniformly after rubbing it in.

However, you’ll have to note that the product is made from an unscented mixture of alcohol and magnesium. This may not be the best liquid climbing chalk product for you if you find the smell of alcohol irritating.

If you can withstand the smell for short periods, then you’d be happy to know that the smell does dissipate a couple of minutes later. The alcohol dissipates in less than 60 seconds, leaving a dry, even coating of chalk.

The product is perfect for use as a base layer since it stays on for an incredibly long time. It’ll make it easier for you to use dry chalk and provide you with a noticeable lead, especially if you’re taking part in trad routes and long sport.

#4 Liquid climbing chalk: Metolius Liquid Super Chalk

The Metolius Super Chalk (liquid) has an excellent value of just $10 for a 200ml tube. The liquid chalk is smooth, creamy, and dries quickly, covering every pore and surface.

You could rely on this product when climbing during the summer to boost your grip, increase friction, and enable you to use less chalk as you do your climb. This is especially great on days when dry chalk doesn’t seem to do the trick.

There are several liquid chalk products in the market, and Metolius liquid chalk is placed right there among the best. 

The product is made from a simplified dry chalk and ethanol recipe that makes it ideal for climbers looking to get good value at cost-effective prices. Plus, you could get it in packs of twelve.