October 28, 2020

The Best Neutral Climbing Shoes Reviewed

by Bernice

Whenever you want to have an interface between rocks and your legs, you ought to look for the best neutral climbing shoes. Your climbing shoes should be of the right fit that will not leave you behind from swift rock climbing. Rocking climbing shoes provide you that interface for a convenient climb.

There are Three Considerations to Look for When Selecting Climbing Shoes:

1) Type of a climbing shoe

Select from aggressive, moderate, to neutral climbing shoes based on the climbing you are looking forward to.

2) Features of a climbing shoe

Straps, rubber, laces, and linings are primary features to look for in a climbing shoe as they offer performance to a climbing shoe.

3) Fit for a climbing shoe

Your climbing shoes should offer you a snug fit to your leg without any pain. A suitable fit for your climbing shoe shall aid you in a convenient climb even for a longer and a more challenging climb. If you happen to have wide feet, we have created a guide for the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

What are Neutral Climbing Shoes?

Neutral climbing shoes (also called best all around climbing shoes) provide overall comfort, an all-day, and relaxed fit. They permit the toe placement flat within the shoes. This makes the shoe neutral and convenient. 

They make good beginner shoes for climbing. Even experienced climbers find themselves taking a comfortable climb with these neutral shoes. They are great as all-day comfy shoes for multi-pitch and long climbs.

Top 5 Neutral Climbing Shoes

Neutral Shoes

Product Name

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Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes
Scarpa Origin Climbing Shoes
Five Ten Rogue VCS Climbing Shoes 
La Sportiva
Finale Climbing Shoes
Black Diamond Momentum Vegan Climbing Shoes

Neutral Climbing Shoes Advantages:

  • Offers comfort all day long.
  • Thick, stiff, or medium midsoles.
  • Its flat profile offers them to slot into cracks easily.
  • Provides good support during your climb.

Neutral Climbing Shoes Disadvantages:

  • Comfort and relaxation aspects are not quite suitable for tough overhanging paths.
  • Stiff/thick shoe soles are not as sensitive compared to the thin shoe soles, which you get on aggressive and moderate climbing shoes.
Best all around climbing shoes

What Makes Neutral Climbing Shoes Good for Beginners

For a beginner as a climber, you would like to select rock climbing shoes that are of a neutral climbing type. The shoes are equipped with flatter soles, which let your toes to be flat when wearing them.

Unique Features of Neutral Climbing Shoes:

1) Flat profile

Symmetry and flat shoes sole are the primary and best features of a neutral climbing shoe. These two aspects offer a design that lets your foot lay flat or in its natural placement even during your ascent.

The convenience and comfort associated with neutral shoes are ideally suitable for anyone who aspires to be a climber or go climbing. During multi-pitched and long routes, these shoes help experienced climbers by rending utmost comfort in the climb.

2) Closure

Neutral shoes have variant types of closure, from Velcro to laces to slip-on to slipper. Laces permit the climber to get a personalized and accurate shoe fit.

Slip-on provides an elastic upper which cuddles the foot of the user, thus providing a snug fit. Velcro shoes provide comfortable wearing, adjustability, and quick removal with the help of a single or many hook-n-loop Velcro straps.

Best Neutral Climbing Shoes

3) Support

A stiff midsole is provided to some neutral climbing shoes, but some come with a softer sole. More rigid shoes are perfect for newbies as they offer support to them. This way, they can stand comfortably on tiny nubbins or minor edges.

A soft sole is perfect for climbers aiming to smear in a send attempt. Therefore, it is good for the climber to understand the climbing style that you shall use before purchasing a neutral climbing shoe with soft or stiff soles.

4) Grip/Hold

Sticky rubber outsoles offer traction in a neutral climbing kick. A climber attains a secure and safe foothold with the grip provided by these outsoles on rocky terrain. 4-5 mm is the sole thickness of the majority of the climbing neutral shoes. The sole thickness provides durability during the climb conditions.

Some of the popular neutral climbing shoe brands

The Best Neutral Climbing Shoes for All Around Climbing

La Sportiva

This brand offers neutral climbing shoes  which feature:

  • Apt for both newbies and experienced enthusiasts in climbing.
  • Offer sticky Vibram shoe soles that provide secure hold and grip in tiny rocky terrains.
  • Ideally, it is made for crack climbs because of its flat profile that permits your toes to remain in their natural position on tight enclosures.
  • La Sportiva has some of the best climbing shoes for women.

Five Ten

This brand offers neutral climbing shoes which feature:

  • Provide comfort due to its neutral shape.
  • Primarily for a beginner to pair comfort and versatility to improve their skills.
  • They are used for sporty pathways by experienced climbers.
  • Has stealth C4 rubber outsole, which provides grip and durability on smaller edges.

Black Diamond

This brand offers neutral climbing shoes which feature:

  • Apt for both newbies and experienced enthusiasts in climbing.
  • They are used for sporty pathways by experienced climbers.
  • Apt for both newbies and experienced enthusiasts in climbing.


Best neutral climbing shoes offer a flat profile that helps in an easy climb. It also helps in eliminating any pain that is linked to aggressive or moderate shoes. It enables the newbie climbers to focus on their climbing skills and relax during the climb. 

Experienced climbers looking for comfort in their climb can optimize the shoe usage for multi-pitched and long climbs. Rock climbing neutral shoes offer an advantage to both beginners and experienced climbers in their way during the climb.

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