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April 4, 2021

Best Places for Water Rappelling

Water rappelling places provide a serene environment for recreation and sporting activities. There is always a thrill when trying out new activities, and this will give you that extra push.

It would be good for a beginner to go through the rappelling guide and practice before embarking on this activity.

However, if you already understand what you are doing, this can be a rewarding experience. The following are the best places for water rappelling and proper guidelines to keep you safe during the exercise. 

General Guidelines before Attempting a Water Rappelling

Water Rappelling Places
  • You must wear grippy shoes. Wearing appropriate footwear will come in handy when treading slippery slopes.
  • Ensure that you use a wide stance to maintain proper balance.
  • When slowing your descent, you should place your hands on your hip area.
  • Ensure that your hips are at the same vertical height as your legs. You should also lean back as if you are leaning on the wall.
  • You should not try this exercise without professional guidance. 
  • Although this is a recreational sport, the exercise is quite strenuous. 

These guidelines will help keep you safe when you are attempting water rappelling. Now that you know the guidelines let’s now explore some exciting water rappelling destinations!

1) Costa Rica Water Rappelling

Costa Rica is an excellent destination for a water rappelling experience. The country is popularly known for adventure water sports. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or a nature lover, you will always find something exciting in Costa Rica. 

The Victoria Waterfall, in Guanacaste and the North Pacific, is a great water rappelling destination. You can enjoy riding on a horse for an hour before reaching the site. Rappelling on the rocky cliff is a breathtaking experience.

Alternatively, you could also try the Indian Falls and rappel on a 95-foot fall. There is also the Arenal and its canyons, which offer a 200-foot waterfall for rappelling. This will provide you with the adrenaline-pumping experience that you are looking for. 

Man doing Water Rappelling

2) Kundalika Waterfalls and Jogini Waterfall, India

India has superb rappelling destinations, so you might consider taking your journey there. There is plenty of water rappelling places in India, but the most popular are the Kundalika Waterfalls and Jogini Waterfall. 

The Jogini Waterfall is easily accessible, and you also get to enjoy a picturesque ride through the pine forests and beautiful apple orchards.

Located in Manali, Jogini is a magnificent sight to behold once you reach it. However, it is among the most challenging sites for rappelling in India. 

The Kundalika Waterfall provides a more forgiving experience. Standing at 150-feet, these falls are ideal for individuals who want to challenge themselves in a safer environment for rappelling. The Kundalika River is ideal for sporting activities when it comes to river rafting. 

3) Ripley Falls, New Hampshire, USA

New Hampshire is a splendid holiday destination for water rappelling in the US, and you are about to know why. The Ripley Falls in the Northeast Mountaineering offers a hiking trip and thrilling rappelling.

The surrounding sceneries boast of wide waterfalls standing at 150 feet in height. You should not be scared of this height as professionals will handle the tour. 

How to do water rappelling

4) Santa Rosa Waterfall, Guatemala

The Republic of Guatemala in Central America relies heavily on tourism. There are various waterfalls in Guatemala that are popular with rappelling fanatics. One of these unique landmarks is the Santa Rosa Waterfall. 

Most waterfalls in Guatemala are tall and thin, but Santa Rosa is surrounded by plains and is also wide. There is also a natural pool down the fall to cool you off since temperatures are pretty high around Santa Rosa. There is no known pricing for this adventure as there are multiple tourism agencies that offer tours to Santa Rosa. 

5) Avocat Waterfalls, Tobago and Trinidad

The Avocat Waterfall offers a spectacular rappelling opportunity that you cannot afford to miss out on. The tour is a fun hike that eventually leads you to the 72-foot tall waterfall. You can also swim in the natural pool down the falls.

For the hike, you should wear light long pants or short pants. You should also bring a swimming suit with you when you are visiting this site. There is no constant price for this adventure.

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