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April 8, 2021

How much do rock climbing shoes cost

In order to become successful in rock climbing, you need to have great climbing and rappelling gear, and this gear begins with the best rock climbing shoes available. For any other methods of climbing, they may require specific equipment. 

No matter what, though, the shoes must never be overlooked. Of course, there are several characteristics to be aware of with a rock climbing shoe. Still, the same concept assists in balancing you in the smallest of spaces but allowing for a nice grip to be maintained.

Knowing this, you may be wondering how much do rock climbing shoes cost or, better yet, how much are rock climbing shoes.

Just like any climbing gear, the price will vary depending on their durability and quality, which are usually on the expensive side. For the beginner, knowing the difference between climbing shoe prices may be difficult. 

How much do climbing shoes cost

Are Rock Climbing Shoes Needed for Indoor Climbing

Wearing no shoes while rock climbing is never a good idea. Not only may this lead to death, but it also is not as fun or enjoyable as it would be if you had shoes. If you decide to enjoy indoor climbing, then you may see them as being optional in some places.

However, if you want to experience all that it offers, then wearing rock climbing shoes will provide the ability. Remember that does not mean you can go barefoot.

As a young climber, you may experience quite a few painful and annoying instances if you opt for regular shoes, such as slipping off more than anticipating and not having the proper support. Every time a slip occurs, you will likely make contact with the wall and causing unwanted injury to your legs and feet.

This goes without saying that the need for proper rock climbing shoes is a must and needs to be the best fit possible. Having small shoes will only provide discomfort and should be avoided. In order to avoid pain, here is a guide on how to buy the right size of rock climbing shoes.

With a considerable size, they will result in the same manner as for regular shoes. This is why a good pair of rock climbing shoes should be incorporated. They will provide everything you need and will make the most difficult grades seem like the easiest to conquer. 

Are Rock Climbing Shoes Needed to Climb Outside?

How much are rock climbing shoes

If you decide to climb outside, the rules are the same when it comes to rock climbing shoes. Of course, you can forego shoes on grades that are the easiest, but having shoes will allow the most enjoyment on more difficult grades.

Outdoor climbing with no shoes is not an easy task and can cause the same issues as indoor climbing, such as injuries and frustration. Also, if you’re climbing with others, you will know that they will dislike climbing if the necessary equipment is not available.

It can be fun barefoot climbing, and the experience is certainly different compared to climbing with shoes. With bare feet, you can feel a rock’s unique details, although you are more prone to scrapes and cuts to the feet.

How Much Do Rock Climbing Shoes Cost

The cost of your climbing shoes should not matter. For beginners, you are better off renting some climbing shoes to enjoy your first climb. When you rent your shoes, they are a great pair, and the cost will be a lot less.

This will also be a better investment in the long run if you don’t plan to be an active climber. If you see yourself really enjoying your climb and you decide that it is the perfect hobby for you, then obtaining your own climbing shoes will be a good idea.

How much are climbing shoes

You will see that the price for your climbing shoes will also be an excellent investment compared to renting because you will get out of their daily use. Also, there is no concern for foreign odors or foot fungus lurking around. 

There are many features available that could impact the price of your shoes; these include the overall comfort of the soft rubber and the toughness of the shoe’s toe.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you are climbing indoors or outdoors, renting shoes will run to at least $4.50 for every time you want to climb. For those looking to obtain a pair for long-term use, then you can expect the price to be as little as $45 if you are a beginner.

For seasoned climbers, knowing how much are rock climbing shoes can make a difference, but the most you can expect to pay for a great pair of climbing shoes can be around $155.

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