June 7, 2021

La Sportiva Solution Review

by Roger

The Solution is a 2007 original product from the La Sportiva manufacturers. As of now, it's still remarkable as before, and it hasn't changed a bit. Despite getting a cosmetic makeover in 2018, these shoes still guarantee the bequest-winning performance ideal to hardcore climbers. If you have been using the Solution, you absolutely know that you will never find a significant fault in the shoe. 

Again, from bouldering to mountaineering or any sport climbing, you won't find any shoes that give you a standard performance, but La Sportiva Solution is promising. The goal for this shoe was to be a modern bouldering solution. And so, to speak, it features a tough toe rand, a three-dimensional heel cup. But those are just some of the features of the award-winning shoes that will aid you to say bye to V17 problems. This is the shoes which Daniel Woods uses.

Further, these shoes are not just purported for your local bouldering, try them on sport climbing, try them extreme vertical routes, and you will be surprised. So without saying much, let's see what makes the La Sportiva Solution unique.

What we like:

  • It comprises a soft build and half-length midsole, making it powerful and more practical when climbing vertical edges, smearing, and pulling;
  • Has an adjustable closure system that has an easy on and off Velcro slipper;
  • The rubber and heel are updated to give high friction that's ideal for climbing.

What we don't like:

  • The snug and its highly tensioned fit come along with discomforts after wearing them for long;
  • They are not versatile on cracks and some vertical climbing paths;
  • Again, the heel is tensioned, making it an uncomfortable fit for many climbers.

La Sportiva Solution Feature Highlights

A high performance climbing shoe purposely built to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems.

La Sportiva Solution Toe

Feature Toe Box

These high-performance shoes feature an aggressive downturned last hinged on the Sportiva's P3 platform.

It aids in the Maintaining shape of the shoes and edging performance; however, when you use them, you will realize that they enhance your caving capabilities as the pointed toes help you anchor on pockets. Also, the spoon design of the sole erectly fits between the ball of your feet and toes. 

Another interesting experience is how the shoes offer laser accuracy on edging capabilities than any climbing shoe would. Again, the upper toe rand, besides containing the logo, works well when hooking on cracks.

La Sportiva Solution Heel

Feature Heel

Now the heel is what most fans love about the Solution's. It's a molded 3D cup that looks like a partial sticky elastic ball. Apart from functioning well, this design offers a perfect and secure fit for any heel hook you will attempt to pull. 

If you have been bouldering, you know that most shoes have the tendency to slip whenever they feel stress from your body weight. However, the La Sportive Solution is promising on a firm grip with less jolting. 

Despite all these, the solutions have one defect caused by too much rubber on the heel. As such, you won't be able to feel the rocks. This makes technical heel hooking to be a challenging part due to less sensitivity.

La Sportiva Solution Rubber

Feature Rubber

The rubber used on the Solutions is the Vibrio XS Grip 2 rubber. They are therefore sticky but not overly soft. 

This feature makes the shoe edging ability more pronounced as the rubber has high friction and bends freely. But, again, you won't be running to your sole replacer every month to replace parts that are torn up. 

La Sportive Solution uses 4mm XS Grip 2 rubber. They are not much sense as most climbing shoes due to rubber thickness. Still, the sole is split, making the shoe more aggressive as it increases sole flexibility and smearing ability.

Feature Comfort and Fit

Safe and dependable! Another leading shoe that fits for rugged climbing settings is the La Sportiva Solution. The shoes feature a carved 3-D ankle cup for stable heel hooking, a quick closing mechanism, marble rands, and a slew of other innovative innovations for comfort and fitting. If the style doesn't bother your toes, the Solution will work best for you. 

Even though getting the La Sportiva Solution climbing shoes means you have to pay a heavy price, it's with no doubt that these are the most comfortable climbing shoes you will ever get. The synthetic top part of the Solution is similar to an elastic sock which perpetuates a snug comfort once you put them on your feet. 

The synthetic top resembles an elasticized sock for a secure fit. This consequently provides the shoe with an excellent fit. Again, it is paired with a colorful hook-and-loop strap design that guarantees you all-around fitness. Here are more bouldering climbing shoes if you are looking for more models.

As much as the Solution is best suited for climbers with wide feet, the ladies version is preferable for narrow feet. Its ingenious closure wraps around your feet, but it can still be adjusted to alter different parts of the shoe. However, be aware that this strap is prone to becoming worn and possibly snapping over time.

It might not be easy to find the right La Sportiva Solution fit. And it's no doubt that La Sportiva is a real pain in the back when it comes to finding the correct shoe sizes. It's not bizarre to get a solution downsized by a full size or even two. So, if you are going to purchase these shoes online, you will have to order different sizes and see which sizes fit your foot perfectly. 

Also, remember these shoes will stretch after you use them once or twice. But once you get the right size, they will give you a perfect fit. And if they slightly press on you, using them for more than five sessions will stretch them to your fitting. La Sportiva Solutions' were used by Rishat Khaibullin for the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Solution for Modern Bouldering Problems

The La Sportiva Solution is an aggressive, unique, and high-performing climbing shoe that is designed for modern bouldering, overhanging sport routes, technical face routes, and gym climbing. The La Sportiva Solution is pretty ubiquitous amongst boulderers and in climbing gyms. The Solution is lined in the toe-box and the arch area only, so expect it to stretch around half of a size. La Sportiva recommend that you fit it in the middle of tight and loose for the best performance.

The Verdict

It's with no doubt that the Solution is the best climbing shoes of all time since 2007. Further, these epic climbing shoes are not just designed for technical bouldering. This shoe can tackle any type of rappelling and climbing while giving an excellent experience and performance. 

The newest version also comes with a new appearance, more rubber on the toe box, and a long-lasting closure system. And above all, it's simply a shoe designed for top-performance climbing sports and bouldering on a straight and hanging landscape. 

Despite its rubber being a sensitivity inhibitor and less breathable, you won't feel its impact unless you are bouldering on technical spots. Otherwise, it's an added advantage for the shoe's durability and high friction. To share this shoe rappelling experience, you can get them on Amazon. 


Okay, ladies and gentlemen starting from bouldering, vertical climbing, toeing, working on steep routes, caving, and rocking, you will never find perfect fitting shoes that do all with minimal fuss other than the La Sportiva Solution. But, if you like to go to the gym or outside in the real atmosphere, the Solution is the best you can get in the market for progressive maneuvers. 

In the light of our research and reviews from La Sportiva product buyers, it suffices to say that the Solution is the perfect climbing shoes for intermediate and advanced climbers. Its high and terrific features are good for enhancing your climbing skills, something you won't get in other regular climbing shoes. 

It has a superb grip to support your toe and heel, a feature that enhances your climbing abilities instantly. The biggest concern is finding the correct size. However, when you buy any climbing shoes online, you have to order multiple sizes as there is always variation either by a full size extra or less. Remember, the right shoes are the key to better performance, confidence, and especially at least a little comfort. 

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