September 21, 2022

Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness Review in 2023

by Jullie

You may have heard of the bestselling book by John Gray, called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” and Mad Rock have taken this as the basis for naming their top climbing harnesses.

What we mean by that is that the Venus harness is the female version of Mad Rock’s Mars harness which is designed for male climbers.

First released in 2014, the Venus harness is an entry-level harness that is easy to use, although it is also suitable for more advanced climbing enthusiasts.

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Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness
Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness

Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness Review

Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness may at first sound like the name of a heavy metal rock band, but it is, in fact, one of the most popular women’s climbing harnesses available.

It has plenty of features that give climbers the reassurance that their harness is safe and comfortable, plus it is easy to use.

Pros of Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness

  • Multiple adjustments
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Robust and secure

Cons of Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness

  • Very little padding
  • Materials feel very stiff when new

Who Is Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness for?

Obviously, the Mad Rock Venus harness is for female climbers, with the main difference between this and the male version is that it’s more suited to being worn on the hips, which many women feel is more comfortable for them.

Its pricing indicates that this is targeted toward those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a harness, and in conjunction with its ease of use, also suggests that it is a harness that first-time users will find desirable.

That being said, Mad Rock Venus women’s harness is also a great option for more experienced female climbers who want a simple and effective harness that offers great value for money.

What Does the Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness Include?

What you receive is the harness itself, but also included is a locking metal carabiner, a Koala chalk bag, and a sock bag. 

If you were in any doubt about the excellent value for money the Mad Rock Venus is, then consider the fact that those 3 extras would normally cost about $40-$50 separately.

Overview of Mad Rock Venus Features

With the waist belt being the main part of the harness, we’ll start with that and highlight that it may not have the thick padding of some other harnesses but nonetheless, it feels comfortable, provided it has been adjusted correctly.

Adjustments can be made to the waist belt and secured using the main buckle, and you can also adjust each leg loop, which will be important to women climbers who may have larger thighs.

As it is an all-round harness there is nothing that would specifically point it towards a particular climbing discipline, however, the four gear loops certainly provide plenty of scope for carrying more gear or extra rope when rock or ice climbing, for example.

A full-strength haul loop adds to the appeal of this harness as it allows for more climbing options that many similar harnesses can’t provide.

There’s no doubt that the materials used are going to enhance how durable this climbing harness is going to be, and as that should lead to a longer life, this is another indicator of how much value for money it is.

How to Use Mad Rock Venus Women’s Harness?

If you have never put on a climbing harness before, here is a simple six-step guide.

You should note that each individual harness will have some differences so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions which should come with the product.

  1. Loosen both leg loop buckles and the waist belt buckle. Depending on your size you may have to undo the buckles completely, but otherwise, loosen them as far as you need to.
  2. Holding the harness in front of you, with it facing the way it will be worn, look for, and remove any kinks or twists in either the leg loops or the waist belt.
  3. Step each leg into its appropriate leg loop and pull the harness up by the waist belt, as though you were putting on a pair of shorts. Normally you will want to pull it up far enough so that it is slightly above your hips.
  4. Starting with the waist belt, and then the leg loops, tighten each of them individually until they feel snug, but not so tight as they are pinching or causing you discomfort.
  5. Make any final adjustments you need to make with the buckles, and ensure the harness feels comfortable.
  6. Preferably with the help of a climbing partner, double-check that you are wearing the harness correctly.

What Are the Alternative Women’s Harnesses on the Market?

If you would prefer a women’s climbing harness that has a bit more padding than the Bad Rock Venus but still want the same low outlay, then a great alternative to consider is the Edelrid Jayne II Women’s Climbing Harness.

It is as easy to use as the Mad Rock Venus harness, has adjustments on the waist belt and the leg loops, plus it is available for around about the same price.

Most importantly the waist belt on the Jayne II had thicker 3D padding which should ensure it remains comfortable around your waist at all times.

Final Thoughts on Mad Rock Venus Women’s Harness

The Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness is a great option for newbie climbers who wish to start climbing as a pastime and are looking for their first harness.

It is inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to use, and even comes with some extras to help get you started.

If you are still in doubt, read our detailed guide on how to choose a climbing harness.

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