March 2, 2021

Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet Review

by Bernice
  • One most important thing you cannot forget while going on a wall climb is a very good helmet.
  • The Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet is a great helmet that can help you climb the wall without any problem.
  • This helmet does not only protect your head but is also strong and lightweight for a comfortable and good climb.

Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet Review

Mammut Wall Rider is a lightweight helmet with a hard plastic otter cover and a soft EPP foam inner layer. 

The hard plastic will save your head from loose falling rocks, and the soft EPP foam inner layer will help you in comfortable climbing.

Mammut Wall Rider Side
Mammut Wall Rider Side
Mammut Wall Rider Side Back
Mammut Wall Rider Inside


  • This helmet is very well ventilated and is lightweight;
  • It is a versatile helmet that can be used for both wall climbing and mountaineering. This protects not only the head completely from all sides;
  • It is easy to use and easy to adjust;
  • Durable and fits perfectly on your head, and doesn't move. 


  • Some buyers say that headlamp strips are a bit small and can be lost easily.

Mammut Wall Rider Best Features



The Mammut Climbing Helmet is a strong helmet made up of EPP foam from inside and hard plastic from outside. This hard plastic will save your hand when it gets banged into rocks. This fits entirely on your head and does not move while climbing.

The inside foam makes sure that your head is comfortable, and you can have a good climb. This helmet is designed to protect your head from all sides and not just from up. It does not crack or break easily, and professionals test the durability. It is suitable for daily wear and for practice times too.

feature 2


This helmet is lightweight and is comfortable to wear. It weighs around 8.5 ounces and is listed as one of the best climbing helmets, suitable for rappelling. It does not feel cumbersome when you wear it. It is easy to climb with. It does not create any pressure on your head when worn. Its lightweight nature helps you to feel free while climbing.

It is not very tight and does not suffocate your head or face. The foam's weight is significantly less, but the plastic's weight is more which helps in saving your head from banging and falling rocks. This climbing helmet is a good helmet for mountaineering and wall climbing.

feature 3


This Mammut Wall Rider is designed in a way that does not trap or absorb the heat; instead, it repels it. It has 16 ventilative openings that are all over the helmet that makes it very breathable. The vents in the helmet are significant and are on the temples and also front and back.

These help in pushing out the heat and make sure you do not feel suffocated. It helps in keeping your head cool and comfortable. This has straps that do not stop the wind from getting into the helmet, and you finally feel light and airy with the helmet on.

feature 4


Other than being lightweight, this helmet is also adjustable according to your head size. It has a webbing harness that helps you keep the helmet secured on your head and does not allow it to move around while on a climb. There are straps adjusted according to your face and have buckles that can help secure the helmet in place.

The buckles are easy to attach and open. You can also adjust the tightness of the helmet with the help of the straps. The padding helps you in securing the head and prevents injuries too. This helmet has a slide-back chin strap that is easy to operate and has a lock system also.

feature 5

Comfort Level

The Mammut Wall Rider is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The inner EPP foam, later with the padding, makes this helmet comfortable to wear and easy to climb with. The adjustable straps help in tightening or loosening the helmet according to your comfort level.

It also has vents all over that do not allow the heat to build inside and push it out. The vents make sure that the head is cool at all times and does not suffocate you. This helmet is a treat to wear as it is soft from inside and hard outside that gives you total comfort and protection both at the same time.

feature 6

Headlamp Securing

The Mammut Wall Rider has additional settings for the headlamp attachment. On the front side, it has two clips with teeth in the lower portion and has one elastic bungee hook and strap that comes from the upper side of the helmet headband.

There are a set of bungee straps that are designed to hold the ski goggles in place too. This makes it highly versatile for wall climbing and mountaineering as well. These straps are already secured, and the helmet has hollow shapes for the headlamp to fit perfectly in place. It does not allow the headlamp to move or becoming loose while climbing.

feature 7

Professionally Tested

The Mammut Climbing Helmet is professionally tested and does not allow any injuries. It is designed to fit perfectly and sits on your head while you are on the climb. It is tested by professionals to be safe to be worn while wall climbing and also mountaineering.

It does not interrupt your ski goggles and is entirely safe to be used. The hard plastic is tested and analyzed and does not impact the head when stones or rocks are fallen, making it comfortable, healthy, and absolutely safe to use.

Mammut Wall Rider Review


There is no doubt that the Mammut Wall Rider Climbing Helmet is a lightweight and robust helmet. It is perfect for wall climbing and also mountaineering. It is comfortable and fits perfectly on your head.

It is the real protection you would require for a safe wall climb. It is comfortable to wear and doesn't become loose while climbing. It is the right choice for a climbing helmet. 

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