6 Places to Go Rappelling in St. George, Utah

Rappelling St George Utah

The American state of Utah, also called the Beehive State, is home to the most popular canyoning and rappelling tours. Rappelling in St. George, Utah is the ultimate getaway because Utah is one of the most popular tourist sites in the world due to its canyons and waterfalls.

Hidden sandstones looking like ancient castles in the desert, hidden pools secret caves make it a perfect tourist destination for your life.

While driving into the Moab, Utah area, you will most likely be welcomed by massive, orange sandstone cliffs and twisted rock formations.

This southern location of Utah provides a variety of amusing white and red sandstones. Some of these sandstones are as high as 8000 feet.

There are many challenging rock climbing rocks within the vicinity of this city. Canyonners also have a lot to enjoy since there are various canyons within Zion National Park.

Many tour guides in this region sell and offer rappelling equipment to their guests.

Here is a list of the six best places for rappelling in St. George, Utah.

  1. Green Valley Gap
  2. Dixie Rock
  3. Cougar cliffs
  4. Virgin River Rock Climbing
  5. Snow Canyon State Park
  6. Rappelling in Zion National Park

Additionally, another great location for rappelling is San Diego.

1. Green Valley Gap

Located outside St. George is a beautiful canyon well known for rock climbing. Do some people also do hiking or bike riding here?

The northern part of this location is kid-friendly for anyone planning to bring kids along. Different anchors lead to the top of the mountain.

2. Dixie Rock

It is located in pioneer park. You will vision a spectacular view of the White doom and Zion National park from this point.

The steep walls of this rock make it a perfect task for rappellers. There are non-steep locations around this rock for amateur climbers.

A close view of people climbing up and down this rock is normal. Well, we never lack spectators in any fun moments like this. A few moments of watching isn’t bad if you are scared of heights.

Canyoning and Rappelling in St. George Utah

In and around the city of Saint George, various small crags exist. There are limestone crags in most of this region’s south and west parts.

The walls face every direction making an ideal recreational space throughout the day due to the presence of shade and sun at different times.

However, these sandstones here are easily damaged when wet. We recommend you wait for 2 to 4 days as the wall are hardening. Consider other options like granite, limestone, and basalt if available.

3. Cougar Cliffs

The Red Cliffs The National Conservation region is the home to Cougar Cliffs. You can take part in short rappel climbs to 100-foot rappelling in this area.

This area is ideal for new rappellers. One can try the 45-degree slope before going to the big cliffs. If you’re more experienced, we recommend going directly to the southern side of the western edge.

4. Virgin River Rock Climbing

There are two groups of people the Virgin Rover Rock attracts. Those who like the idea of ever climbing there and the die-hard few who have experienced it proclaim it as the best climbing zone in the country. 

Virgin Rover Rock has some of the grotesque scenes of any climbing area with some of the best rocks. You will be welcomed by ugly road cuts, graffiti, and sometimes inhospitable temperatures.

Difficult, sustained lines, fantastic movement, and plenty of challenging climbing are what one is likely to face.

5. Snow Canyon State Park

This park is located in St. George and is only a few minutes drive from Zion National Park. It features mixed multi-pitch routes and short sport clip-ups.

Some of its routes are incredibly long and rarely explored. No matter the direction you are facing, all the different climbs are usually facing the sun directly all day. 

Places to go Rappelling in St. George, Utah

Many hotels at Saint George and services include improved camping in this park. The camping sites charge as low as $10 to $20 for daily entry fees conducive for everyone.

Free camping is also offered just outside town on BLM land that you can go to with your friends if the park is congested.

6. Rappelling in Zion National Park

Mountain climbing and canyoneering are the ideal sports to participate in at Zion National Park. Learn the technical skills that come along with these two extreme sports before engaging in them.

For fun and strenuous activities, climb up and down the boulders, drag a wetsuit up the steep mountains and swim in dirty ice-cold water.

While inside the park, you can find a canyon using a GPS or a map. Go through the knowledge and work on the skills required to keep safe before getting into a canyon.

You must equip yourself with mandatory permits for technical and semi-technical slot canyons.

Canyons starting on the park’s edge can be explored without permits, as long as the exit lies outside the park’s boundary.

Before attempting any technical slot canyon, it is recommended that you can get the weather report and technical slot canyon details from the Zion backcountry desk.

Also, you should put on canyoneering shoes to avoid any injuries.

Only 80 permits are allowed daily. Book your slots early and avoid the last-minute rush. Canyon tree frogs mate to leave debris of its process upon rocks in the canyoneering area.

These areas are not associated with sunlight daily, which may cause slippery action that is dangerous to explorers in deep dark areas in the park. Precaution is therefore needed.

What Do You Wear for Canyoning and Rappelling in St. George, Utah?

This is a list of the rappelling and canyoning equipment you can carry with you when you go rappelling in St. George, Utah.

  1. Quick-dry shirt
  2. Helmet
  3. Quick-dry barefoot shoes (for canyoning)
  4. Canyon shorts
  5. Backpack
  6. Hiking boots

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Last Thoughts before you go Rappelling in St. George, Utah

Rappelling can be equally dangerous and fatal. Necessary skills are needed to carry out this task and then get a guide to avoiding any accidents.

Expert rappellers need to follow instructions too. Kolob canyon requires skilled and experienced rappellers to climb up and down the rocks with the right gear.

Only 12 climbers allowed are to participate in this exercise, accompanied by intensive hiking and canyoning. Teamwork is a significant priority.

Finally, the weather is the most important aspect of this whole adventure. Before starting your journey, confirm the weather forecast because you could have the worst experience on your long-planned trip.

March weather is the ideal weather for outdoor activities.

During summer, it gets too hot, but an encounter of water polls and waterfalls is expected at night when temperatures get really down, and keeping warm is the only way out if you plan on camping outside.