Waterfall Rappelling in Kauai: Adventure in Hawaii

Waterfall Rappelling Kauai

Waterfall rappelling in Kauai is done on private land overlooking the Haupu ranges and Huleia watershed. Waterfall rappelling in Kauai is mainly done on only two waterfalls.

First, you need to go through a compendious rappelling safety class. You can do the rappel on drywall before heading to the waterfall courses.

You have to start with the 30-foot bamboo falls and wind up with the 60 feet Papakolea falls. As much as it’s outdoor fun, it’s not exclusive to everyone. For instance, you must weigh between 70 pounds to 250.

The minimum age is 12 years, and it is not open to those over 65. Also, if you have head back problems, recent surgeries, or pregnancy, the activity is restricted to you. 

Where is Kauai Situated?

Kauai is a Hawaiian island situated in Hawaii’s Kauai county in the United States. It is 72 miles northwest of Oahu island, transverse from the Kauai channel. 

What are Some of the Most Interesting Facts about Kauai?

Kuai is old with nearly 5.2 million years of existence. It was formed due to the pacific passing on a magma hotspot where the magma exploded upwards until it got to the ocean floor. 

They follow a strict palm tree housing code, which dictates that no house should be taller than the palm tree.

This island is the wettest destination in the world. Kauai received about 450 inches of downpour due to the mountainous part that makes it a highland. 

Does Kauai Have Waterfalls?

There is no surprise that the wettest place in the world also houses several more magnificent waterfalls on every square mile than any other place in the world.

It has a secret fall; the Opaekaa falls, Wailua fall, Hanakapiai fall, and Waipoo fall. The island houses nature’s finest features that make it even more picturesque. 

Waterfall Rappelling in Kauai

Which are the Best Locations for Waterfall Rappelling in Kauai?

It’s thrilling to get close to nature’s finest attractions. One thing that makes this island best is the guides they have.

Apart from issuing directions, they also equip you with the needed gear for rappelling. The guides will take you through some training, and once you have mastery, you will head to the beautiful 30 feet bamboo falls and the 60 feet Pakolea falls after that.

The advantage of waterfall rappelling at the bamboo falls is that it’s somewhat short. Besides, the region surrounding the bamboo falls can also be hiked.

It’s a package as it comes, and you may get to spend your entire midday to the evening in one place, should you consider hiking.

The joy of Papakolea falls is that it offers a more challenging course which is 60 ft., situated on lush green private land. You can get to savor the joy of kayaking while finding your way there.

What is the Experience and Feeling when You Go Waterfall Rappelling in Kauai?

Waterfall rappelling in Kauai is one in a million experiences. There’s no proper word to call it. But it sure feels great even for those with no rappelling experience.

There are guides responsible for training you first and hooking you up with the necessary gear. You get to practice on drywall before attempting the actual waterfall. 

The experience from the crew and the positive words makes you feel like a super athlete, and they are so cautious with every step you make, so you never have to worry about failure.

Unlike rappelling in other places, Kauai exposes you to an adventure within the lush green jungles. Other exciting destinations are climbing and rappelling Hocking Hills, waterfall rappelling destination is Puerto Rico, canyoning and waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica, ziplining and waterfall rappelling in Maui, canyoning in Zion.

It feels great to experience the magnificent Huleia river and to get a chance to finish off your day by getting to the national wildlife refuge. For beginners in rappelling, you may consider taking a rappelling course.

Can You Swim in any Waterfalls in Kauai?

Yes, Kauai waterfalls are swimmable. You have the option of waterfall swimming, such as the Princeville ranch or the Wailua falls.

You will have a great story to tell once you can swim in rushing waters that have collected in a clear pool. The Hanakoa falls that drop from a thousand feet also has a nice pool far from the base.

Also, there’s a pool at the Hanakapiai falls situated within the beautiful sceneries of the Na Pali wilderness. 

What Do You Wear to a Waterfall Rappelling?

Waterfall rappelling requires a different outfit, unlike rappelling done on drywall.

That means you have to be dressed in moisture-wicking shirts and shorts of half thigh length.

Also, you must have a helmet, and in other spots, a wetsuit is a must-have. 

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Are there Places Where You Can Go Hiking and Climbing in Kauai?

Yes, Kauai has several hiking places as an addition to the varieties of waterfalls.

And for the advantage, it requires you to be no athlete to hike these paths. So if you are a keen hiker, you may want to have a test of the hiking paths listed below.

  • Waipo’o Falls Trail
  • Kalepa Ridge
  • Ho’opi’i Falls Hike

Waipo’o Falls Trail

The Waipo’o Path is a terrific opportunity to explore the Waimea River on another of Kauai’s top easy treks.

The walk might be a bit strenuous in places, although it is acceptable for folks of all ages provided they are fit. The track is well-kept, and the out-and-back may be accomplished in less than two hours. 

Kalepa Ridge

The Kalepa Ridge Path is among Kauai’s finest and most spectacular mountain routes, yet it is an easy trek. It’s merely a short trek of around half an hour to get to the viewpoint.

The hillside route narrows as the trek progresses, so you may halt when it gets too crumbly yet still savor the vistas offered by Kalalau Valley.

Should you proceed, the trek will get harder. But getting to the top gives you an overlook of the Napa Pali shoreline, the cathedrals, and Kalalau valley.

Ho’opi’i Falls Hike

On Kauai, the Ho’op’i Falls Path is a moderate trek leading to 2 waterfalls. The 1st waterfall is ideal for rappelling cliffs or taking a cool plunge. The 2nd waterfall may be familiar, as portrayed by the movie “Jurassic Park.”

The route is wet occasionally, but it takes one past magnificent scenery, with ferns sprinkled alongside massive trees on each flank of the Ho’opi’i Waterfall path.

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