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March 18, 2021

What Are Low Profile Climbing Helmets

Climbing helmets are the helmets worn by the climbers while climbing on ropes or mountains to protect their head from impacts from sides and while falling.

The climbing helmets with low weight, simple design, and adjustable fit are known as low profile climbing helmets.

Who Should Use These Helmets?

Low profile climbing helmets should be used, especially by beginner climbers, to protect their heads from impacts while falling during rock climbing or rope climbing as well as from sides.

When Should It be Used?

One must use a low-profile climbing helmet while mountaineering, climbing rocks, climbing ice and ropes, etc. One must choose a well-ventilated low-profile helmet to complete the kit of climbing gears.

List of the 6 Best Low Profile Climbing Helmets

The review of some of the low-profile climbing helmets provided here will help you find the best one for you.

#1 Tontron Adult Hiking Climbing Caving Work Helmet

The high-impact shell of this climbing helmet, available in Orange, Red, and White colors, is made of ABS lined with high-density EPS. It meets the requirements of CE EN12492 certification for climbing helmets.

It has holes on its sides to prevent tiny gravel and to breathe fresh air. It has an adjustable closure system at the back of the head. To attach universal headlamp assembly, this helmet includes buckles. It is available not only for adults but for children also.

#2 PETZL Unisex Boreo Climbing Helmet

It is a versatile and durable climbing helmet that can be used for mountaineering and climbing and canyoning and caving, etc., due to its hybrid construction.

The design of this head covering helmet is very compact. It laterally protects your head from impacts from the rear as well as the front. It has been made comfortable for all activities by providing wide holes for ventilation and ample space for your head.

#3 KAILAS Aegis Rock Climbing Helmet

This extremely lightweight climbing helmet, available in Flame Red, Bright Blue, and Yellow colors, is specially designed for climbing with a high level of difficulty. 

This rock climbing helmet is available in two sizes to choose from as per your requirements. But before purchasing one, you must ensure that its size fits your head. Its integrated structure is made from EPS to make it lightweight and impact resistant.

At the back, it has reinforced protection and eight vents to allow the air to flow into it and keep you fresh and comfortable. At the top, it has mesh made of stainless steel to prevent the entry of falling ice or rocks.

Its front is curved to improve the vision of the surroundings. It also includes slots for snow goggles and a headlamp. This helmet can be used for ice climbing, rock climbing, caving, mountaineering, tree climbing, etc.

#4 Fusion Meka Work Climbing Helmet

This climbing helmet, available in white and black colors, has 10 points of ventilation to use in the mid of the day without overheating your head. To mount hearing protectors, two slots are provided in this helmet. 

It is an extremely durable climbing helmet with 0.7 pounds weight and 10.3" L x 8.25" x 6.25" H dimensions.

#5 EDELRID Shield II Climbing Helmet

The shell of this lightweight climbing helmet available in Night, Granita, Jade, and Petrol colors is made from tough polycarbonate lined with an expanded core of polystyrene foam.

Its fully adjustable chin strap includes a comfortable closure system under the ear. It also contains four strong clips to hold a headlamp.

It can fit the heads of any shape with the help of an adjustment dial on the rear and overhauled wing-fit system. Its interior padding is ergonomically designed as it can be removed to wash.

#6 Tongina Safety Hard Climbing Helmet

This lightweight and wear-resistant climbing helmet is made from solid and corrosion-resistant ABS material. It has been designed to protect your head and chin very comfortably.

It has been made ventilated and breathable as it can dissipate heat effectively through its vent holes. It can be adjusted to the size of your head. It can be made suitable for a smaller head by turning it right.

It can be worn and take off quickly with its buckle. If you like climbing rocks, mountains, or ropes, you must have a low-profile climbing helmet to protect your head from impacts.

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