by Kevin

March 22, 2021

Best Climbing Helmet for Small Heads

It may sound strange, but I know many people that are looking specifically for a climbing helmet for small heads.

And there is little doubt that rock climbing, hill climbing, mountain climbing, or trekking in high-altitude areas is indeed great fun. It is a big hobby for thousands and men and women.

It is a perfect way to make sure that many of us get an avenue to unwind our minds and body in today’s highly stressful and tough times.

However, as climbers, we need to ensure that we are well protected and have the right gear before we get into any type of reasonably high-altitude climbing. While climbing is exciting, it also is fraught with some risks and dangers.

One significant risk is the risk of falling down or getting hit on our head by stationary or moving objects. Hence, you must pay attention and invest in the right climbing helmets.

These helmets come in different sizes and shapes. While some helmets are for those with large-sized heads, there are also helmets suited for those with small heads.

Best Climbing Helmets for Small Heads

This article will explain a few things to consider when choosing the best climbing helmet for small heads. This, we are sure, will give our readers and other people reasonably good knowledge and information.

It may help them choose the correct climbing helmet for small heads keeping in mind specific needs and requirements.

Pay Attention to Correct Fitment

This perhaps is one of the essential things to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a good climbing helmet, especially for those who have small heads. It would be wrong to straight jacket all climbing helmets under one category, as far as fitment is concerned.

You have to bear in mind that different heads have different shapes, sizes, and circumferences. Hence, even when you are on the lookout for a helmet that is in line with your small head, you must be doubly sure that it fits you perfectly.

You must ensure that the helmets come with properly adjustable chin straps and have them checked out before investing money in them.

Once the helmet is buckled, it must not have any slack and must stay firmly in place. Also, check if there is a good way to attach the helmet to a backpack.

Climbing Helmet for Small Heads

It would be advisable to buy climbing helmets from brick-and-mortar stores because you get the opportunity of trying them out.

This may not be possible in an online environment, and you may have the return and replace a few helmets make and brands before you can get the right fitment.

Purpose of End-Use

When it comes to mountain or hill climbing helmets, make sure that you choose one, considering its use’s final objective.

For example, if you are into ice climbing, you should look for a strong helmet that is capable of absorbing such knocks. It may be a good idea to go in for a shelled foam model that has minimal ventilation area.

If you are into warm-weather sport climbing, you should look at shelled foam types of helmets that fit into small heads. Such helmets should have the required number of vents to ventilate your face, eyes properly, and headed.

If you are into indoor climbing, it would be a good idea to look for a helmet that you may use for your daily gym activities. Hence, your climbing helmet would depend on the type of climbing that you are into.

Now that we have a decent idea about the factors to be kept in mind while choosing a climbing helmet for small heads let us look at a specific brand and model.

This is only to give the readers some rough idea about the features to keep in mind when choosing a good climbing helmet.

Helmets for Small Heads

Lohaswork Hard Hat

This could be an excellent example of a quality climbing helmet for small heads. It comes with several exciting features, and we are happening to talk about a few of them.

One of this climbing hat’s main features is that it comes in different bright colors, including yellow, orange, blue, and other bright colors. It also comes with 6 point suspension.

This helps in having the right gap between the cap liner and the cap shell. Additionally, it also comes with an adjustable strap that helps the helmets in place.


We are confident that we have given the readers a reasonably good idea about the various points to be considered when choosing the right climbing helmets for small heads.

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Kevin loves bouldering. Mainly because he can practice it alone without considering other people. Although he rediscovered this hobby in the last three years, the boulders turned out to be his most visited landmarks.

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