April 23, 2021

Best Slipper Climbing Shoes

by Roger

1984 was when La Sportiva introduced the world to slipper climbing shoes. This was when they launched the La Sportiva Ballerina. This climbing shoe's sole purpose was to offer comfort during adventures at the crag. 

From then on, different climbing shoe companies started producing their lines of slipper-style climbing shoes. These climbing are incredibly convenient since they are very easy to wear or take off.

With the evolution of shoe technology, they can now do more than just handle a few laps in the gym. Here are the best slipper climbing shoes.

List of the 5 Best Slipper Climbing Shoes

#1 La Sportiva Cobra ECO

The La Sportiva Cobra is an incredibly versatile shoe, but unless you're a professional-level climber, these might not be the climbing shoes you need. Nonetheless, this is an excellent shoe that offers all-day comfort and still provides you with the necessary tools for convenient climbing. 

The La Sportiva Cobra Eco features a moderate downturn, with a semi-cambered toe box handy in edging. This all-around climbing shoe features the La Spoflex midsole, which means you will be standing on a platform that will offer you enough support. The 0.8mm thick midsole is positioned across the shoe`s forefoot area. 

While this is an all-around climbing shoe, the La Sportiva Cobra is specially designed for slab ascents and bouldering. Additionally, it is ideal for cracks and vertical faces, both indoors and outdoors. 


  • Simple design with top-quality performance;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Comfortable;
  • Ideal for bouldering.


  • Requires some time to break in.

#2 Scarpa Instinct SR

Scarpa Instinct SR climbing shoes are an amazing slip-on climbing shoe purposely designed for indoor bouldering. It delivers relative sensitivity and flexibility with a temperate downturn. The heel and toe feature a thick rubber which is also incorporated in this climbing shoe’s build.

The SR performs excellently on vertical bouldering walls. When we tested it, we found that it performed better in indoor climbing than outdoors. This climbing shoe's last is similar to the Instinct’s, though with several minor touch-ups. The interior has separate uppers for the big toe and the other toes.

This blended with durable stitching translates to zero hotspots at the toes and improved break-in. Since Scarpa Instinct SR is a slip-on climbing shoe, it features several tweaks for stretching and fit. There is a relatively small volume in the heel and forefront, meaning it has a comfortable fit.

Due to the extra softness of a slipper-style climbing shoe, the SR design integrated a longer sole. Besides, the split front is almost two-thirds of the sole with a 3.5mm rubber compound. This offers additional rigidity compared to other climbing shoes.


  • Easy to wear and take off;
  • Comfortable;
  • Affordable;
  • Ideal for indoor bouldering.


  • The elastic stretched after some time.

#3 Boreal Cat Foot

The Boreal Cat Foot climbing shoes are among Boreal's latest advancements in rock climbing shoe designs. We tested the Boreal Ninjas for some time for this review and found that they were somewhat stiff for a slip-on climbing shoe when new. 

Nevertheless, after several bouldering sessions, the unlined midsole stretched and softened enough to fit comfortably. The upper microfiber hugged our low-volume feet with just the right amount of snug tension. Still, the durable heel cup featured no bagginess. 

Even though this is a slip-on climbing shoe, the half midsole provided edging power adequate for bouldering and vertical climbing on everything except the minor edges. Overall, these features combined make the Boreal Ninjas (Cat Foot) more versatile. 

We smeared confidently on rough surfaces but not quite on smoother surfaces. The split outsole build provided excellent foot flexibility, which made holding a significantly downturned position easy to maintain.


  • Great precision ideal for smearing;
  • Slit outsole design delivered flexibility;
  • Performs well in edging, vertical climbing, and bouldering;
  • Versatile.


  • The sole is rather slippery.

#4 Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym

This is an incredible climbing shoe with amazing abilities in smearing and crack climbing. While they might not perform as well in technical edging, these climbing shoes have a lot to offer. The Moccasyms are extremely comfortable.

Upon breaking in, which will not take long, it won't be necessary to take them off when climbing. They are incredibly soft thus comfortable. Besides, they are easy to wear and take off; since they do not have straps or laces, you simply need to slip into them.

The flexible sole in tandem with the proper fit lets you jam in cracks effortlessly. This climbing shoe does not limit any tweaking. Additionally, with its flat toes, jamming will feel much more comfortable than it usually is. 

The Stealth C4 rubber keeps the shoe sticky for a very long time, and the unlined leather makes this shoe sensitive enough for smearing. The Moccasyms slipper climbing shoes are pretty durable, and they will survive abuse for a long time. Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym are included in our ranking of the best crack climbing shoes.


  • Excellent at smearing;
  • Durable;
  • Comfortable;
  • It makes jamming your feet inside cracks easier.


  • Red feet.

#5 Evolv Rave

The Evolv Rave features an entire slip-on build and a flat last, with an all-around climbing shoe purpose. They have a narrow toe box which is perfect for jamming your feet in thin cracks. They are the perfect choice for beginners.

What's more, the Rave is incredibly comfy, easy to wear and take off, and offers you a sock-like fit. The rave slipper is quite stiff, and the comfy fit provides a more secure fit.

Additionally, the Evolv Rave has an impressive build, with a leather upper that can survive plenty of abuse. Not all climbers like slipper-style climbing shoes since you cannot adjust them with shoes with laces or velcro straps. Also, some climbers prefer extra padding. 

However, for the right climber, the Evolv Rave is an affordable, versatile and comfortable climbing shoes. Moreover, if you like slip-on climbing shoes but are looking for a shoe that's a bit more aggressive, you should try out the La Sportiva Cobra or Scarpa Instinct SR.


  • Incredibly comfortable;
  • It is extremely tacky;
  • The spacious toe box makes it ideal for the climber with wide feet;
  • It offers amazing support.


  • The pull loops are not as sturdy.


Slipper-style climbing shoes are easy to wear and take off. And while some climbers prefer more adjustable climbing shoes, slip-on climbing shoes have a lot more to offer.

Take, for instance, our top pick, the La Sportiva Cobra. It is a durable and versatile climbing shoe ideal for intermediate and professional climbers. Also, it delivers plenty of support, and it is excellent at bouldering. So, there you have it, the best slipper climbing shoes.  

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