May 7, 2021

Five Ten Hiangle Review

by Roger

The Hiangle is a sport route and bouldering specialist, but before we dive into the Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes Review, let's look at the shoes' pros and cons and who the shoes are built for. The shoes are suitable for intermediate sport route and bouldering enthusiasts. You can also read our full guide about the best intermediate climbing shoes.

If there's one thing that experienced climbers understand, the type of shoes you use for your climbs can make the most significant difference. Getting a great pair of climbing shoes could mean the difference between not slipping off holds the size of a dime, securing your hold with a toe hook when you're on steep terrain, and taking advantage of the wall using a great heel.

What we like:

  • The climbing shoes are affordable.
  • They are great for overhung and vertical bouldering.
  • The shoes have a super-sensitive C4 rubber.

What we don't like:

  • You may have some trouble getting the perfect fit, but you could go for the street size. Plus, you could send the shoes back for an exchange if they don't fit you perfectly.

What Do We Feel About the Five Ten Hiangle?

If you want a performance tool that can help you up to your game forever, eliminating the need to make excuses for what shoes you use for your climbs, then you could go for the Five Ten Hiangle. The Five Ten Hiangle is a high-performance shoe that's both reliable and relatively inexpensive. We have included Five Ten Hiangle's in our list of the ten best sport climbing shoes.

The Five Ten Hiangle climbing shoe is excellent for a great indoor gym climbing experience; however, it can also work for outdoor bouldering, making it a great single pitch sports shoe for climbing. If you consider yourself an intermediate in the bouldering and rappelling niche, then this may be what you're looking for.

Five Ten Hiangle Feature Highlights

The Five Ten Hiangle velcro comes back in an ultra technical version for the block or the rooms.

Five Ten Hiangle Toe

Feature Toe Box

The Five Ten Hiangle's toe box doesn't disappoint when it comes to bouldering and overhung routes. The climbing makes toeing into small holds when you are on steep terrains effortless with the ample rubber on top and the extended toe rands that lock from both sides.

These two features combine to provide you a firm grip and keep your toe in place, leaving no room for error. However, that said and one, the toe is an average performer in pockets since it has a more rounded, less talon-like point.

The upside of that drawback is that the rounder toe works better when edging than other more pointed shoes. In addition, the toe has a wide range of qualities that make the shoe great for varying degrees of climbs like stickiness, sensitivity, and stiffness.

Five Ten Hiangle Heel

Feature Heel

The Five Ten Hiangle's heel fits snuggly and combines with a thinner rubber strip giving the back end a responsive, sensitive feel that you are sure to appreciate when bouldering. However, we noted that the rubber strip that originates from the midsole and runs to the top of the heel's back seems a little odd.

Even with the thin strip, there's still a raised portion that punctuates the design's goal, increasing precision even when it means providing less friction in certain areas. However, I have to note that I've never felt it slip; therefore, I hold my reservations on the design for the time being.

However, the heel rand does deliver lots of stealth rubber grip, while its insides section's dotted with holes that provide more friction and help boost the Five Ten Hiangle's style points simultaneously. 

The heel cap perfectly fits an average size heel, with the rear end providing superb support and simultaneously managing to come off as too stiff. However, the heel's internal threading can be less comfortable than it should be, but more on that later.

Five Ten Hiangle Rubber

Feature Rubber

The Five Ten Hiangle is known for having excellent rubber; however, most of that can be attributed to their marketing. Their C4 stealth rubber is still fantastic, it still feels lovely to touch, and the rubber's stickiness makes you more confident whenever and wherever you want to plant your foot.

Despite the Five Ten Hiangle's sole's 4.2 mm thickness, it still manages to provide you with sensitivity and helps you feel all the contours in every hold, which gives you more precision. 

In addition, the grip provided with the rubber helps you stay calm when you are on the edge and its moderate turn, while it removes some edging ability, gives you more self-confidence and assurance.

Your foot will get more edging support from your midsole's stiffness, which will help you feel awesome when technical slab climbing or when you're doing some edgework. If you want better smearing for technical slab climbing and edge work, then you'd instead go for softer rubber, thus the Five Ten Hiangle.

A minor disclaimer is that the downturn does not aid smearing; however, the rubber can be reliably sticky, providing you with friction when tackling slopers. If you are worried about the rubber's wear, you don't have to worry that much. Having used this climbing shoe for quite some time, I can confidently state that the shoe's rubber's wear has been relatively negligible.

The rubber's stiffness helps stand up to various rigorous and frequent bouldering sessions in cases where all parts of the shoe are used. The overall craftsman can also be commended since these climbing shoes are quite durable and the performance has been more than expected.

Feature Comfort and Fit

The Five Ten Hiangle is, surprisingly, quite comfortable for a foot with average volume and width. So even though the climbing shoe is quite aggressive, you may find yourself looking forward to wearing your bouldering shoes and going for your session because of how comfortable the shoes can be.

However, before the shoes get more comfortable, they can become quite uncomfortable. The breaking-in period can be too taxing to the point that you may even give up ever using the shoes at all. You may get a hard time even pulling the shoes on and over your heel, and the foot may cramp every time you put the climbing shoes on.

The break-in period, which can lead to a stretch of about size, is where the shoe's unlined leather conforms to your foot's every bend. The ultimate result is that the foot remains snug, making then two pull tabs necessary if you want to put the shoe on.

Without the closure design, the climbing shoe wraps around your feet snugly, with the Velcro wraps completing the feeling of a second skin. In addition, the shoe's moderate asymmetrical bend helps keep the foot in a better and more natural state.

The shoe's rounded toe also makes it more comfortable; however, while the downturned climbing shoes make the shoe a little less comfortable, their snug fit and their molding capability make the shoes highly comfortable for their level of aggressiveness. When you take the shoes off and run your finger along with the heel tab, you can feel some threads that protrude more than you'd like. 

Five Ten Hiangle Climbing Shoes

While this feels uncomfortable to your finger, it's no better when you're wearing the shoes. Most often, the uncomfortable feeling disappears once you get immersed in your bouldering session; however, if your session takes too long, then the chances are that the feeling is more likely to come back. Also, once you take off your bouldering shoes after a session, the chances are that you will feel the indentations left on your feet, which will make you more uncomfortable.

However, this may not be a massive deal-breaker for most people. While Five Ten Hiangle may be using these threads to help you gain more stability by increasing friction in the shoe's inside, they could take a look at other types of bouldering shoes and remove the threads, or better yet, make them less pronounced.

Note: Most people on various eCommerce websites have cited claims that the Five Ten Hiangle bleeds to your feet. If this is not a deal-breaker for you, then you could go ahead and buy them. However, if you are likely to have an issue with this, then you'd better know in advance before you make your purchase.

Incredibly Versatile High-end Climbing Shoe, Performing in Many Climbing Styles.

This hyper asymmetrical climbing shoes has a very precise plunging point combined with a Stealth C4 rubber sole for maximum grip. Flexible, Hiangle climbing shoes will be an ideal ally for slopes. The insert has been softened for more sensations. Finally, the microfiber has been softened for more precision at the tip.

The Verdict

If you want the best climbing experience, you'll have to invest in the right bouldering shoes. While you may have a hard time picking the right shoes, one thing is for sure; the Five Ten Hiangle is perhaps the most professional, slightly inexpensive climbing shoes available.

These shoes could mean the difference between being stuck on the wall for twenty more minutes thinking whether spending that extra money to purchase the Five Ten Hiangle could have been worth it. But why the Hiangle, though? The Hiangle has a rounded toe, moderate downturn, and medium asymmetry.

Plus, they don't do any funny things to your feet. If this suggests that the shoes are not the ultimate climbing gear, then it's true. However, the joy that comes with conquering steep terrains is not about having the best bouldering shoes. It's about having comfortable shoes that fit snugly and can help you have the best bouldering experience. This is what the Five Ten Hiangle offers.

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