June 30, 2022

How to Cleanse Amethyst? (MANY WAYS!)

by Brad

Amethyst is a purple crystal with powerful metaphysical effects.

You can remove the negative energy from the crystal by cleansing it.

Learning how to clean Amethyst to avoid crystal damage during the cleansing process is crucial.

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What Is Amethyst?

Amethyst consists of Quartz crystals and has a purple color.

It is a famous stone that can prevent drunkness.

Greeks kept Amethyst with them to avoid drunkness.

It will help you stay on the current path.

If you are on the way to prosperity, the Amethyst will help you with that.

You can also keep Amethyst with you want to stabilize your life in the current situation.

You can be happy at work and with your family with Amethyst crystals.

How to Cleanse Amethyst
How to Cleanse Amethyst?

Can Amethyst be Cleansed?

You can cleanse the Amethyst when you purchase it for the first time. You can also cleanse it once in a while to remove the negative energy.

Cleansing the Amethyst is crucial because different types of people handle the stone before it reaches you.

Some of them may have negative energy with them.

Amethyst is a strong crystal that can absorb the negative energy of the wielder.

You can learn how to cleanse Amethyst to remove that negative energy.

You can enhance the Amethyst benefits by cleansing.

What Are the Methods to Use to Cleanse Amethyst Energetically?

You can cleanse/charge/purify Amethyst crystals with different methods.

Each method uses specific material and time duration.

You can think about your convenience and material availability before selecting one of these materials for cleansing.

  1. Water
  2. Sunlight
  3. Cleansing Crystals
  4. Burying
  5. Visualization
  6. Rice
  7. Salt
  8. Smoke
  9. Meditation

6 Ways You Can Use Water to Cleanse Amethyst

You can submerge the Amethyst in water to cleanse it.

Most stones with a hardness score of 5 and above on the Moh hardness scale can resist water damage.

The crystal should be insoluble in the water for the cleansing process to avoid water damage.

Amethyst is insoluble in water. It has a hardness score of 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

You can place it in water for a few minutes.

You can submerge it in the water to cleanse it and dry it after you take it out of the water.

Can Amethyst crystals be cleansed using any kind of water?

It is suitable to collect water from natural sources for cleansing because it has more cleansing power.

Water from natural sources is available in the rivers and streams.

Tap water is also suitable to cleanse the Amethyst if you cannot find any natural water source.

Natural source water has a positive energy that can cleanse the Amethyst fast.

We have compiled a list of top natural water sources for Amethyst cleansing.

1. Crystal-infused water

If you feel your Amethyst crystal has a lot of negative energy, you can use the crystal-infused water for cleansing.

You need a water-resistant crystal and water from a natural source to make the crystal-infused water.

You can bring water from the river or spring and submerge the cleansing crystal in it.

You can keep the crystal in the water for a few hours.

You can spray this water on the Amethyst crystals for cleansing.

You need to choose a water-resistant crystal for cleansing, as some crystals cannot resist water damage for hours.

2. Water from springs or rivers

Springs and rivers are excellent sources of water with positive energy.

Water has positive energy in the rivers and springs because it has a stronger connection with the earth.

Most experts believe that river water has positive vibrations.

The vibrations will affect the Amethyst energy.

Your crystal will get more positive energy from these vibrations.

You can take the crystal to the river or spring and submerge it in the water directly as you can put it into the water for a few minutes before taking it out.

It is also suitable to take the water in a bowl and put the crystal.

Most people prefer the bowl method because there is no fear of losing the crystal in a river or spring.

You can also use any combination of these methods with the same water source.

3. Filtered water

You can arrange a water filter in your house if you have water with dissolved minerals.

Minerals in the water can erode the Amethyst surface leading to erosion and surface damage.

Passing hard water from the filter makes it suitable for cleansing.

It will not damage the crystal structure.

You can put some filtered water in the bowl and submerge Amethyst crystals.

It will take some time to remove the negative energy from the crystals.

You can leave them for a few minutes to complete the cleansing process.

4. Salt Water

You can find salt water from the natural source if you want to cleanse all the negative energy from the Amethyst.

You can take your Amethyst crystal to the beach and put it in the seawater for a few minutes.

It should cleanse the crystal. You can also dissolve some salt in the water to cleanse the Amethyst crystals.

You should not keep the Amethyst crystals in the salt water for a long time because salt can stick to the Amethyst surface and damage the crystal structure.

It is better to rinse the Amethyst crystals with tap water before you dry them and place them in the storage.

5. Tap water

You can use tap water to cleanse the Amethyst when you do not have a natural source of water nearby.

There are some precautions when you use tap water to cleanse the Amethyst.

You should check the tap water quality first.

If the water has many dissolved minerals, water can damage the Amethyst crystal structure.

Tap water may also contain chlorine.

Water is unsuitable for cleansing because it can erode the polish material from the Amethyst surface.

You cannot use water at extremely low or high temperatures for cleansing Amethyst as it can damage the crystal structure.

6. Rainwater

Some areas receive a lot of rainwater.

If you live in such an area, you can use cleanse your Amethyst crystals with rainwater only.

It is unsuitable to put the crystal in the rain for cleansing because rainwater can also bring dust particles that can make the crystal dirty.

You can collect some rainwater in a bowl and rinse the Amethyst crystal.

You can also put the crystal in the rainwater for a few minutes for cleansing.

Rainwater is perfect for cleansing because it comes from a natural source.

Rainwater has a lot of positive vibrations.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst with Crystal-Infused Water?

Crystal-infused water can remove all the negative energy from the Amethyst crystal because it has high levels of positive vibrations.

You combine the positive energy of natural source water and cleansing crystal to make the crystal-infused water.

Most experts believe that crystal-infused water is best for the Amethyst cleansing.

You can find many types of crystal-infused waters in the list.

It will help you choose one better for your situation.

1. Citrine-infused water

You will remove the negative energy from the Amethyst when you use the Citrine-infused water.

It will give many other benefits because Citrine positively affects the Amethyst.

You can identify the Citrine with its orange-brown color.

Citrine comes in the class of silicon oxide crystals.

This crystal has a hardness score of 7 on the Moh hardness scale.

It is an excellent option to make some crystal-infused water.

Reducing the water submersion time of the citrine is better because water and salt water can damage the crystal structure if the crystal is exposed for a long time.

2. Black-Obsidian infused water

You can make the Black Obsidian infused water if you want to repel the negative energies from your life.

Black Obsidian is a perfect crystal to enhance the protection capability of the Amethyst.

You can submerge the Black Obsidian in the water for a short time to make the crystal-infused water.

It is unsuitable for submerging for an extended time because it can crack with water damage.

Black Obsidian has a hardness score of 5 to 5.5 on the Moh hardness scale.

This crystal has a shiny surface and black color.

You can collect it after lava cools in a place.

Black Obsidian will lose its shine if you place it in the water for a long time.

3. Blue Topaz-infused water

You can contact the spiritual world when spraying your Amethyst crystals with the Blue Topaz-infused water.

Blue Topaz will enhance calmness when you combine its effects with the Amethyst.

Blue Topaz is made of Silicon Dioxide crystals.

You can give it more time in the water because it has a hardness score of 8 on the Moh hardness scale.

You can find Topaz in different colors. Blue Topaz is better for making crystal-infused water.

You can submerge it in the water longer than other stones but not for days because crystals with the highest hardness can also suffer water damage. 

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Sound?

Proper cleansing effectively removes all the negative energy from the Amethyst in a short time.

You can project the sound of fork, bell, or speakers on the Amethyst to remove the negative energy.

Sound cleansing is effective because it will give positive vibrations to the Amethyst crystals.

Sound will also vibrate the air molecules around the crystal and some crystal atoms.

It will remove all the negative vibrations from the crystals.

Using a crystal turner and tuning fork with a 432 Hz frequency is better to cleanse the Amethyst.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Sunlight?

You can use the sunlight to cleanse the Amethyst crystals if you use some precautions.

It is essential to place it in the sunlight for a short time.

A few minutes of sunlight is enough to cleanse the Amethyst crystals.

Placing the Amethyst crystals in the sunlight for longer can affect the Amethyst crystal’s color.

It can also damage the crystal structure to make the Amethyst brittle.

It is also suitable to place the Amethyst in the shade with the sunlight as indirect sunlight also has cleansing effects.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Rice?

It is an effective cleansing method if you have a lot of rice because you may have to dispose of the rice after the cleansing process.

You can put some rice in a bowl.

The bowl size depends on the size of the Amethyst crystal.

You should put enough rice in the bowl to submerge the Amethyst completely.

You can leave the Amethyst crystal in the rice for a day to ensure the removal of all negative energy.

Once the cleansing is complete, you can throw the rice as it has negative energy from the crystal.

What Is the Best Way to How To Cleanse Amethyst Using Visualization?

You can use the visualization method to cleanse the Amethyst when you do not want to use any materials.

You can hold the Amethyst in your hand when white light is falling on the crystals.

You can focus on the white light and assume that white light is filling the Amethyst.

It is better to hold the Amethyst in the dominant hand to ensure cleansing.

This method is easy to follow because it will also relax you while cleansing the crystal.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Crystals?

You can place the Amethyst crystals above a cleansing crystal to remove the negative energy.

There are many cleansing crystals on the market.

Selenite and clear Quartz are some of the best examples of cleansing crystals.

These crystals will absorb all the negative energy from the Amethyst to release it into the earth.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Salt?

You can put the Amethyst crystals in the salt to remove the negative energy.

Salt works in the same way as rice. It will suck out all the negative energy from the Amethyst crystals.

You can increase the effectiveness of this procedure by placing the salt bowl with the Amethyst in the sunlight for a few hours.

It will enhance the cleansing process.

It is perfect for people who cannot use salt water to cleanse stones.

It is crucial to wash the Amethyst after the process to ensure no salt particles are on the surface. 

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Energy Programming?

You can establish a strong bond with your Amethyst crystal using this method.

This method requires holding Amethyst in one hand and placing the other hand above it.

You should imagine that negative energy is leaving the crystal towards the ground.

You can imagine the energy moving from your body to the ground.

The upper hand should give positive energy to the Amethyst.

You can imagine your upper hand giving intense light to the stone to give it positive energy.

You can cleanse the crystal with this method in a few minutes.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Negative Ions?

You can find things with the negative ions to balance the negative and positive ions in the crystals. Electronic devices, rivers, and smoke have negative ions. It is a perfect way to cleanse the Amethyst crystals by balancing the ions. You can place the crystal on the earth’s surface to balance the positive and negative ions.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Smoke?

You can use herbs and wood sticks to make smoke.

You can place herbs and sticks inside a chamber to produce smoke as it will give smoke after some time of putting fire to it.

You can channel the smoke in the crystal in a way that all parts of the crystal receive smoke.

You can allow all the smoke to pass from the Amethyst to cleanse it.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Using Burying Inside the Earth?

Earth is an excellent source to remove the negative energy from the crystals.

You can make a hole in the ground and bury the Amethyst crystal as the earth will absorb the negative energy from all sides of the Amethyst.

It will help you cleanse the stone to remove all the negative energy.

What Is the Best Way to Cleanse Amethyst Geode?

Geodes are spherical rocks with Amethyst crystals on the inner surface.

You may not see the Amethyst on the surface of the geode.

It is possible to break it open to see the beautiful Amethyst crystals.

Cleansing geodes is different than crystal cleansing because geodes can be delicate.

They may not withstand water damage for a long time.

1. Using Detergent and water

You need a gentle detergent and soft brush to clean the geode.

It is better to rinse the geode with water first.

You can dissolve detergent in water and put it in the geode.

You can gently brush the geode till there are no dust particles on the geode.

You can rise it with water and repeat the process to ensure all the dust and debris removal.

2. Using bleach

You can place the geode in bleach water for a short time.

You can put a cup of bleach in the tub or water.

You can put geode in it to ensure better dirt removal.

It is better to wear gloves when handling bleach because bleach can harm your skin. 

3. Using a toothbrush and denture cleaner

Some dirt may stick to the unreachable corners of the geode.

It is hard to take it out with the bleach solution only.

You can put some denture cleaner on the geode and use a gentle brush to remove the dirt.

Denture cleaners are excellent for cleaning hard surfaces.

4. Cleaning the crevices

Crevices cleaning is the hardest part of geode cleaning because dirt can hide in the crevices.

You may need a small brush to clean them.

You may have to give more time for the detailed cleaning of crevices as small dirt particles can damage a part of the geode. 

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