September 14, 2021

How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

by Bernice

Backpacking is definitely one of the best ways of being in close proximity to nature. But it requires you to be absolutely self-sufficient and take everything you’ll need along. 

Achieving this level of adaptation and competence takes a lot of time and patience, along with proper planning.

Within the scope of this article, we will understand better what it takes to prepare for a backpacking trip.

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How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip? 

The first trip can be especially daunting since it will be difficult to figure out what you are deficient in until you are faced with the hostilities.

Let’s take a look at a few crucial tips when you’re preparing for a backpacking trip. 

Getting Yourself Ready

When you have to hike through an arduous path with a heavy backpack, it can pose a significant challenge, both physically and mentally. 

So you should make sure that you are completely prepared for it before you actually set out. It’s better to opt for a training session for backpacking that will prepare you to maintain stability while you traverse uphill.

Don’t forget to pay heed to the signs your body shows if you see that there’s excruciating physical pain while training, remember to slow down and go easy. 

Backpack preparation for a trip

Collect All the Needful Supplies

Besides training yourself, you must ensure that you have all the supplies ready at your disposal much ahead of time. These should include everything from your sleeping bag to the tent and the smaller items from bottle to lip balm. 

It’s a great idea to practice packing them and carrying the backpack around. You may also choose to go for an overnight excursion before the actual trip. With this, you can realize your needs and preferences well. 

Decide Where You Wish to Go

When you are done with the first two tips while preparing for a backpacking trip, it’s time to evaluate yourself honestly on where you can actually afford to go. You must consider your skills, adaptive power, resilience, and abilities to decide on this. 

Some backpacking trips can be more challenging than others. Therefore, you should pick your route as per your abilities and preferences. 

If you go on an immensely overwhelming journey without prior preparation, you will only be welcoming disaster. Fortunately, there are loads of easy backpacking trips waiting to be explored by you. 

For example, you can combine backpacking with camping. While camping, you can do some rappelling. Camping and rappelling are great ways to enjoy an adrenaline-full day.

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Carry Enough Food Along with Water

If you are going for an overnight backpacking trip, planning for two square meals will be enough. It’s best to carry freeze-dried since they are lightweight and provide the required nutrition. Nevertheless, they are costlier than regular food. 

You may rather hit the grocery store and look for all-in-one food items. These may include rice entrees, tortillas, and noodles. Read this article to calculate how much food to bring while backpacking.

You should also pack in a few energy bars along with trail mix to munch in during the afternoon. Backpacking is an energy-intensive undertaking that will call for the last ounce of your energy.

Other food items that should find a place in your backpack are:

  • Instant coffee mix/tea bags;
  • Dry fruits;
  • Bagels;
  • Nuts;
  • Milk powder;
  • Chocolates.

When you are on your dream backpacking trip, keeping yourself hydrated is equally important. Dehydration can be sickening and can be extremely hazardous when you are hiking in the wilderness. 

If there are no water sources, you should arrange to carry enough water that will last through the whole duration of the trip. 

Get familiar with the difference between hiking and backpacking. They may sound similar, but there are still some important differences to understand.

Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

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Let Someone Know Your Trip Plan in Detail

This is something you should follow every time you set out for a journey alone and not just for the first time. Let one of your close ones know the details of your trip. 

If things go in opposite directions as planned, it will become easier to track you down and rescue. You may also carry a locator beacon that can be activated in an emergency to help reach where you are. 

Final Thoughts on How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip

When you consider how to prepare for the backpacking trip, the last thing you should do is rush things. Even though all the major points are highlighted, that’s not everything. 

Remember that you will have a convenience or supply store near you. So, you ought to make sure that all the necessary gear is packed in your backpack. 

Finally, packing your bag in the right way doesn’t only mean that you have all the necessary things inside, but the way you pack them will largely affect whether or not you can carry them with ease.

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