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A Guide to How to Wash Sherpa Blanket (Things I Wish I KNEW)

by Kevin

Many ask how to wash Sherpa blankets because they are unsure about the washing process.

Sherpa fabric maintains its fluffy structure when you put it in cold water. You can air-dry the blanket or use a tumbler dryer. These methods are better than putting the Sherpa blanket in sunlight.

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How to Wash Sherpa Blanket
A Guide to How to Wash Sherpa Blanket (Things I Wish I KNEW)

What Is a Sherpa Blanket?

Sherpa blanket is a warm blanket with low weight.

It is easy to recognize this blanket due to the two different textures on both sides.

It has a side that resembles wool.

The other side is flat.

These blankets consist of polyester material.

Companies are also adding other materials to the polyester to improve Sherpa blanket qualities.

Many select Sherpa blankets because of their low weight and high heat retention.

It is due to the synthetic fibers in this blanket.

There is no harm in using blankets with synthetic fibers because people have been using them for hundreds of years without health-related issues.

Can You Wash Sherpa?

You have many options when trying to wash Sherpa fabric.

You can put it in cold water and allow the water to remove dirt for some time.

You can also wash it by hand by adding a delicate detergent.

Putting it in the washing machine on low settings will not cause any damage to the fabric on the Sherpa.

Using scented detergent can cause severe damage to the Sherpa.

You should only use delicate and scent-free detergent.

You should not put the Sherpa fabric in sunlight because sunlight can damage its fibers.

Bleach can negatively impact the Sherpa because it can break fibers at the micro level.

How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket: Step-by-Step Guide

It is better to divide the Sherpa blanket-washing process into different steps to ensure you do not miss anything while washing this blanket.

  1. You should put only Sherpa blankets in the washing machine at one time. Putting other hard fabrics with the Sherpa blankets will enhance the fabric damage. Clothing items with buttons can damage the plush on the blanket.
  2. If you have Sherpa blankets of different colors, you can put the same colors together. Sherpa can lose some color and stain other clothing items when you wash them together.
  3. You cannot use hot water for the Sherpa blanket because it damages the plush fabric. You should allow the machine to run in cold water settings.
  4. Fabric softeners and bleach can damage the Sherpa blankets also. Vinegar will work better than bleach or fabric softeners.
  5. You can also use non-detergent soaps to remove stains from the blanket.
  6. High heat can damage the Sherpa blanket fabrics. You cannot put it in intense sunlight or hot water.
  7. It is unsuitable for washing the Sherpa Blanket more than once a month. It will help you maintain fabric structure.

How Can I Wash My Sherpa Blanket and Keep It Soft?

You can maintain the heat retention and softness of the Sherpa blanket by using the proper washing techniques.

It is easy to care for the Sherpa blankets because you can put them in water without fabric damage.

Using harmful techniques can damage the Sherpa blanket fabric, making it scaly and flat.

You can do some pre-treatments to enhance stain removal.

You can put it in the washing machine and wash it on low settings.

You can find delicate settings or permanent press settings on your washing machine to wash this blanket.

You can also wash them with your hands to prevent fabric damage.

Pre-treatment and gentle wash will keep the Sherpa blanket soft.

How Do I Keep My Sherpa Soft and Matt-Free?

Sherpa blankets are famous for their softness and shine.

Using improper cleaning and storage methods will make the Sherpa hard and matt-free.

You can avoid this condition by using the best caring techniques.

You can use a soft brush to care for the plush of the Sherpa.

It is essential to find a brush without the pointy bristles because they can damage the plush.

You can brush the blanket in your time-pass period to keep it soft.

You can remove the loose threads with the baby nail clippers.

You can use your hand to fluff the blanket for some time during the drying process to enhance fabric shine.

Learning how to wash the Sherpa blanket will also help you keep it matt-free.

How to Get Stains Off of a Sherpa Blanket?

Stain removal is the most complicated process for most types of clothing items.

You do not need to worry if you put a stain on your Sherpa blanket because we will give you the best method to remove the stains from this blanket.

You can apply some dishwashing liquid at the stain spot and allow it to sit for some time.

Washing this spot with water after that will remove the stain.

Some suggest putting baby power on the stain for the entire night.

Washing it in the morning with water will also remove the stain.

Cornstarch can produce the same result as baby powder if you leave it on the spot for a long time.

Spot treatments are better for the Sherpa blankets because you do not need to put the entire blanket in the washing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sherpa Fabric

We have arranged answers to some of the most crucial questions about caring for the Sherpa fabrics.

The information in these answers will help you maintain the Sherpa fabric.

How often should you wash a Sherpa blanket?

Most experts recommend avoiding washing Sherpa blankets more than once a month. You can go for the spot cleaning instead of the entire blanket washing. It will help you keep the Sherpa blanket matt-free and clean.

What are the best Sherpa blankets to buy?

You can buy several types of Sherpa Blankets. EMME plush eco-friendly Sherpa blanket is a perfect choice because of its low impact on nature. Utopia Sherpa blanket is more suitable for kids because you can wash it more often. Bedsure Sherpa fleece blanket is better for people looking for a lightweight blanket with high heat retention.

Are Sherpa blankets good?

Yes, Sherpa blankets are good because they can keep you warm without adding more weight to your winter clothing items. You can keep this blanket with you all the time. It is perfect for a camping trip and your bedroom.

You can carry it anywhere you want because it does not take up more space.

You can use these blankets for your babies as they will not put pressure on them.

Why are Sherpa blankets so warm?

Sherpa blankets have two parameters to make them warm. It consists of polyester material to prevent heat leakage. There is a layer of plush on one side of the Sherpa blanket to stop air movement.

It works the same way as the sheepskin. It can also resist water accumulation on the fabric to make it warmer.

How do I make my Sherpa blanket fluffy again?

You must arrange the most suitable type of brush to make the Sherpa blanket fluffy again. It is unsuitable to use the brushed with pointed bristles. You can use the brush you use for the pets.

These brushes have a special design to make the task easier.

These brushed will work best because you can reach the deeper layers of the fabric.

Conclusion: How to Wash a Sherpa Blanket

You can learn how to wash Sherpa Blankets by following the step-by-step process.

These points will help you understand the process faster.

  • You can put Sherpa blankets in water because they can resist water damage.
  • Spot cleaning Sherpa blanket is better in most cases.
  • It is better to avoid putting Sherpa blankets in hot water or direct sunlight.
  • You can wash Sherpa Blanket once a month only.
  • Using harsh detergents and bleach will damage the Sherpa Blanket.
  • You can use a brush to make the Sherpa Blanket soft again.

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