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April 7, 2021

Should you wear socks with climbing shoes

Whether you are a fan of climbing, or you just took someone climbing, there is a possibility that you will at times see someone who wears socks with climbing shoes.

Many people would laugh at this because they find it funny. A lot of climbers prefer wearing socks when climbing. Read on and get to know why you should wear socks when climbing.

Can You Wear Socks with Climbing Shoes?

Wearing socks with climbing shoes

Yes, you can wear socks with climbing shoes. Although not many people do it, you can still put them on. Wearing a pair of socks when climbing will make you feel comfortable. Some climbing shoes are pretty uncomfortable. 

However, when you add a pair of socks, it adds more cushion and makes your feet comfortable. Climbers that wear socks when climbing usually wear socks that not visible, especially if they have their shoes on. 

Why Should You Wear Socks with Climbing Shoes?

Many people think it is not stylish to wear socks with climbing shoes. Here are some of the reasons why you should wear socks with climbing shoes. 

A pair of socks will offer extra cushioning

Some climbing shoes don’t offer the proper cushioning. Because of this, you are likely to feel stones, rocks, and cracks as you are climbing because of this. If you wear socks, your feet will feel more comfortable.

A pair of socks makes a huge difference. With socks, you will get extra comfort. Being comfortable enables you to walk for long without having to worry about stepping on rocks. 

Your feet and shoes will stink less

Your feet are more likely to stink if you wear shoes without socks. With the sweat that comes with climbing, your feet will likely acquire a foul smell due to sweating. 

Some people use deodorizers to do away with the smell, but this makes it worse. Putting socks on will ease you from all these troubles. Bacteria break down the sweat, and that is what causes it to smell

Do I wear socks with climbing shoes

It feels different

On cracks, socks come in handy as they keep your feet from aching. For those who tend to sweat a lot, you can use climbing chalk to reduce the smell of sweat.

However, climbing chalk will not put away the scent, but it will reduce sweating. Putting on socks will save you all the trouble. 

Socks provide added comfort

As stated earlier, socks add extra comfort. Wearing socks when climbing will add extra cushioning and prevent you from burning when you are rock climbing. By putting on socks, your feet are protected. Cotton socks absorb sweat. 

Wearing shoes with socks is so comfortable. If you try it, there is no going back. If you do this often, you will realize that your feet won’t smell. There are odor-absorbing socks that are made to take up the odor.

Wearing socks will relieve you from thinking about how your feet might hurt if you accidentally step on a rock while climbing. 

Size Up for a Better Fit

Climbing with your socks on is way better than climbing without. However, some rock climbing shoes are so tight, making it unable to wear them with socks. If this is the case, you can consider getting another pair that will fit even with a pair of socks. 

Do you wear socks with climbing shoes

When choosing climbing shoes, please choose a slightly bigger size so that the climbing shoes fit perfectly when you put on socks. If you currently have fitting shoes, you can use them for other activities as you get a larger rock-climbing size. 


In the olden days, climbers wore socks when climbing. But in between the many years that have passed, that changed.

Many suggested that climbing with socks on is rookie. Socks add comfort to your feet. Climbing with socks ensures that you focus on what you are doing because you are comfortable and with no pain. 

Climbing is a fun activity. Thus, it would be best if you were comfortable while you are doing it. If you are uncomfortable, chances are you won’t enjoy it and probably never do it again. Try to put on socks while you are climbing and feel the difference.

So, should you wear socks with climbing shoes? Absolutely yes. Ignore what onlookers are saying because of wearing socks. The important thing is you are comfortable. In the end, what matters is your safety

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