April 10, 2021

What to Do with Old Climbing Shoes

by Kevin

It would be a waste to simply throw your old climbing shoes out. Your rock climbing shoes deserve some sort of redemption or even a potential new home.

There is a multitude of ways to salvage or donate your beloved climbing shoes to their next adventure. Let’s see what you can do with old climbing shoes.

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1) Resoling Your Old Climbing Shoes

One option for your old favorite pair of climbing shoes is to resole them. Not only can you realize this is a good thing to do with your shoe, but a good sign is also when they get too comfortable, and you’re thinking a hole might form before you might resole them.

What to Do with Climbing Shoes when become old

This is the point at which you should probably try and keep them from falling apart. Even if you plan to sell them, expect to get anywhere from 20 – 60% of resale value from resoling them, and that really depends on the condition of the shoe before resoling.

But regardless, this can get you many new adventures with your favorite pair before they fall apart. This is simply one solution to what to do with old climbing shoes.

2) Reselling Your Old Rock Climbing Shoes

Another option is reselling your old but best climbing shoes. You can even resole them for the sake of reselling them to someone who wants a pair of shoes they know will be faithful to their future endeavors.

One way to keep the shoes interesting at this point of reselling is keeping the brand name and the quality of shoes in mind when listing the shoes for resale. Not to mention, this helps brands with their ability to last with seasoned hikers and adventurers. 

3) Recycling Your Old Climbing Shoes

If you’re not in the business of reselling your shoes for any personal reasons, you’re more than welcome to recycle your shoes to someone who you think will get some use of them.

At this point, they would be more beneficial to someone who is starting to climbing and needs a sturdy pair of shoes. Or even to someone who is in the intermediate stages of climbing and needs guidance in what kind of shoes to invest in eventually, this is a good option for those people as well.

What to Do with Old Rock Climbing Shoes

4) Consider Donating Your Old Climbing Shoes

If you absolutely do not need to resell or don’t have the mind to resell them, donating your shoes to a beginning hiker or even to a shelter to someone who needs a sturdy pair of shoes might do you well.

Even if the person isn’t someone who’s going to climb great cliffs or go on grand adventures, maybe they will land a job or donate their time to a national park that could use a good pair of shoes to take them across the terrain.

Donating your climbing shoes might do them a lot of good that they didn’t expect! There is something heartwarming to think a pair of rock climbing shoes that you invested in the areas that needed help are able to continue to help the areas that you traversed. 

Turn Your Old Rock Climbing Shoes into a Pair of Deep-Water Solo Shoes

In a strange and unexpected turn of events, you can turn these old trusty pair of shoes into a pair of shoes that take you on some water adventures like deep-water solo climbing.

It’s hard to think about how your climbing shoes can be waterproof, and repellant to water, but these shoes have already existed to any sweat-heavy experiences or maybe even got you through a few streams or rivers in their time.

What to Do with Your Old Climbing Shoes

The worry about your climbing shoes getting wet goes out of the window; you know they’re sturdy and reliable. They make the perfect pair of shoes for going on an adventure that includes more water, such as waterfall rappelling.

What to Do with Old Climbing Shoes is up to You

Your old rock climbing neutral shoes do not need to meet an end that means they aren’t reliable for yourself or for another person. There are definitely answers to what to do with old climbing shoes. 

Your shoes can not only begin a great adventure for another person but can continue your adventure if you take the time to look into them. Take a good look before you throw them out!

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Kevin loves bouldering. Mainly because he can practice it alone without considering other people. Although he rediscovered this hobby in the last three years, the boulders turned out to be his most visited landmarks.

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