July 4, 2020

Best 3 Men’s Climbing Harness Product Reviews

by Kevin

It's time to review some of the best men's climbing harnesses on the market. So has the time finally come that your battle hardened climbing harness has worn out to the point where it has nothing more than sentimental value, eh? 

Sometimes, you have to understand that no matter how much time you have spent traversing difficult landscapes with the beauty, you have to let go of it eventually.

If you are looking to finally replace that worn out old harness, you are probably looking for an upgrade. Luckily, our rundown of the best men’s climbing harnesses can help you with that.

We went through a lot of effort to research some of the most popular among the latest men’s climbing harnesses. After a long process, we narrowed it down to three of the best harnesses after our testers took these harnesses to their limits on how you would be using them.

Best Men’s Climbing Harness Review

Without further adieu, here is our review of some of the best men’s climbing harnesses in the market right now.

1) Black Diamond Solution

Do you want what is arguably the single most comfortable climbing harness in the market right now? The Black Diamond Solution is one of our favorites in the list of the best men’s climbing harnesses.

Whether you are belaying your fellow climber for hours on end or hanging and falling again and again, this thin and light men’s climbing harness is the perfect sports climbing harness that we have come across in a very long time.

Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness - Men's

The waist belt on the Black Diamond Solution is thin and lightly padded but a lot wider than a lot of the other harnesses. The Fusion Comfort Construction with three thin strips of webbing that are spread throughout the waist belt and leg loops allow this harness to be both lightweight and comfortable.

While one would assume that a lower amount of padding can make a harness uncomfortable for longer hours, Black Diamond have proven them wrong with the Black Diamond Solution.

The leg loops and waist belt diffuse all the pressure you would otherwise feel and cements itself as the most comfortable among the best men’s climbing harnesses that you will wear.

Of course, not everything is perfect and it is notable to mention some issues with the Black Diamond Solution. The reason why it is not useful for a wide variety of climbing applications is that it has minimal gear loops.

They are very small, there is no haul loop and the leg loops have a fixed width. While it has a good amount of capacity for a light rack for a day of trad cragging, it’s better not to take this along for the extensive alpine routes or long free routes.

2) Edelrid - Jayne II Climbing Harness

The Jayne II by Edelrid also makes it onto our list of the best men’s climbing harnesses. This is a good overall product by Edelrid. Versatile and comfortable, the Edelrid Jayne II can work in a variety of different applications very well.

Whether you are going for the alpine routes or for ice climbing, this can do a pretty good job for you. The Edelrid Jayne II has a sliding waist belt that helps in keeping the belay loop in just the right position. 

EDELRID Jayne Climbing Harness

The harness has a low profile which makes it suitable for chimneying and a couple of ice clipper slots as well. The standing and hanging comfort are average and this is also one of the bulkier and heavier entries on this list. The padding on both the leg loops and waist belt are substantial.

The lack of a proper haul loop in the back was a little annoying but the plastic reinforcement for the bottom tie-in point was a much needed relief. It protects both your harness and the climbing rope from wear and tear due to friction.

The reason why it is considerably a good harness is the fact that the Edelrid Jayne II offers good mobility than the bulkiness would suggest. The leg loops are fully adjustable and the waist belt is uniquely adjustable. The load bearing webbing can move within the padding so the belay loop can be kept directly in front of you while you adjust the waist belt.

All in all, this is a very good entry on the list of the best men’s climbing harnesses. Useful for a number of different applications, this is the best for programs and gyms that purchase real harnesses instead of the uncomfortable fully webbed harnesses you usually see.

3) Black Diamond Momentum

Black Diamond has a penchant for producing some of the most popular harnesses for everybody and that is why it is no surprise that they have two entries on the best men’s climbing harness reviews.

The Black Diamond Momentum offers the best value for money. At just $57 for the medium size, the Black Diamond Momentum offers you the same performance of a high end men’s climbing harness at the price of a starting level one.

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

The leg loops are easily adjustable and other than that, the features you can expect for most kinds of climbing are all there in the Black Diamond Momentum. The fact that it is also as comfortable as harnesses can get, the Momentum is a pretty sweet deal.

The Momentum men's climbing harness was a little uncomfortable compared to the Solution when it comes to hanging sessions and long belay duty but that is about the only comfort related issue it has.

Not made for the long alpine climbing or long rock routes, the small gear loops do not allow you to carry a whole trad rack with you on your outdoor excursions. While the gear loops are small, they are both flat and rigid. That makes them incredibly easy to clip and unclip carabiners.

Best 3 Men’s Climbing Harness Product Reviews

Final Thoughts on the Best Climbing Harnesses for Men

While there are so many different harnesses that can make the list of the best men’s climbing harnesses, these three are just about there at the top. We have made a list of the best climbing harness for anyone, no matter the level of experience.

We worked very hard to go through all the choices you can avail in the market nowadays for a replacement to the harness you might have been using to help you decide on what the best choices are right now.

We encourage you to consider your needs and likely applications before after you consider the qualities that these three offer to make the decision that is best for you. Best of luck!

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