July 3, 2020

PETZL Luna Women’s Harness Review

by Bernice

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  • Very simple to use
  • Mesh padding for comfort
  • Robust and secure


  • Sizing slighly varies from that specifie

PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness Review

This is our review of one of the more popular products in the line of harnessing equipment, the PETZL Luna Harness for Women. Without beating around the bush, we will get straight to the PETZL Luna women’s harness review.

One of the foremost companies when it comes to making products for the outdoor adventurers’ delight, PETZL has really outdone itself with the PETZL Luna harness. It happens to be one of the heavier harnesses out there at 1.2 pounds but it is one that definitely does not disappoint.

PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness

A very comfortable harness, we would recommend this for a wide range of applications, including ice climbing and mountaineering because of the comfort it provides.

When you take a look at the men’s version of the harness called the PETZL Adjama, you will not notice a lot of differences between the two for their design except for the fact that the women’s version has a longer distance between the waist belt and leg loops and of course the color.

The main concern is the fit of the harness, which makes us sing plenty of praises for the product in this PETZL Luna Women’s harness review. The company has made several updates to the design of the PETZL Luna recently, which has made it a far better version of the previous harness they used to have.

The fabric on the Luna has been updated to a much softer material to provide extra comfort to the wearer. The leg loops and the waist belt have been redesigned to make for a more ergonomic fit for the wearer.

The Luna is a lot easier on the legs as it wraps around them nicely and in a snug manner. The waist belt has also been redesigned so that it has fewer pressure points and the wearer feels it less. With the extra gear loop that the PETZL has added, the harness is now better suited for trad climbing than it used to be.

PETZL Luna Women’s Harness Review

Table of Contents

Hands-On Experience for the PETZL Luna Women’s Harness Review

The material used to make the waist belt on the PETZL Luna harness is developed through PETZL’s proprietary ENDOFRAME technology. This allowed them to split the webbing design towards the interior side of the harness so that it is able to distribute the weight of the wearer more evenly across the frame.

With the belt being wider on the back than on the sides, the harness is now more comfortable to wear. Dyneema reinforced tie-in points are one of the more crucial factors, which make it possible to increase the usable life time of the PETZL Luna harness.

The rear loops are smaller but the front loops are much larger and they have a forward-angled design. There’s a plastic buckle to release the leg loops while there is a clip in loop at the bag if you want to carry a chalk bag with you or a trailing rope while you’re using the PETZL Luna harness.

Comfort While Standing and Hanging

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the comfort of the harness while using it. This is the part of the PETZL Luna women’s harness review where we discuss the standing and hanging comfort of the product.

While it is a bit on the heavier side, you would be surprised to know that you can barely feel the harness at one point. In fact, you will almost forget that you even have it on. The slight weight will not make a difference when it comes to the next adventure you go on.

The increased distance between the waist belt and the leg loops make it more fitting for a female figure than the previous version of the PETZL Luna harness and that is why it is able to accommodate women of all shapes.

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PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness

PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness

Specific Application Features

In this part of the PETZL Luna women’s harness review, we’re going to take a look at the aspect of its ability to perform in specific applications. Now, the company has called the PETZL Luna harness a harness, which is well designed for ice climbing.

That is very obvious when you wear it. The adjustable leg loops on this women’s harness makes it very easy for you to widen the leg loops and fit them over the heavier hiking pants you need for ice climbing.

That being said, there is a slight challenge amateurs will face because the slots are positioned a fair bit of distance towards the rear of the harness. In ice climbing applications, this can make the slots a bit difficult to reach.

Of course, that issue is easily fixed by just getting used to it and keeping it in mind. If you are looking to take this along with you on the more traditional climbing discipline, the PETZL Luna will be a pretty good tool to have. 

The front loops are quite spacious and they allow you to fit a lot of gear right on the front, making them easier to reach. There will be a bit of a challenge with the back loops, however, considering the fact that the loops have limited carrying capacity. 

The detach leg loops on the PETZL Luna harness are actually one of the easiest to operate from all the models we’ve ever used. There’s just one buckle you need to unbuckle for both the legs and you can snap and unsnap it easily with just one hand.


Another important aspect of the PETZL Luna women’s harness review is the mobility. While it might be a little stiff compared to other harnesses we’ve tried, the PETZL Luna harness is still pretty useful.


While PETZL has touted the Luna harness as one model that’s best suited for ice climbing, we feel that the adjustable leg loops and the ice clipper combine to make it a more versatile application harness.


The leg loops on the PETZL Luna harness are probably one of our favorite features because they  automatically make the PETZL Luna useful for a wider number of users of different shapes and sizes.

Final Thoughts Luna Women’s Harness

The final thoughts that we have in the PETZL Luna women’s harness review is that this is a pretty solid harness. The adjustability, comfort and all round versatility make it a pretty good option for your next outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re going for a bit of light sports climbing, ice climbing, or even mountaineering and alpine climbing, the PETZL Luna harness is a steal on Amazon.

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