July 3, 2020

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness Review

by Jullie

Quick Overview






  • Very simple to use
  • Pre-threaded buckle for ease and safety
  • Non-abrasive inner shell


  • Adjustment range is limited
  • Sizing varies from that specified

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness Review

In the world of climbing equipment design and manufacturing, there are few companies who can claim to have as high a reputation, nor as much experience, as Black Diamond, so our expectations should be very high when it comes to reviewing their Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness.

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness

The Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness is manufactured by Black Diamond who have been making harnesses and other climbing equipment for over 60 years. Designed with Black Diamond’s signature dual-core construction, it has become one of their best-selling harnesses since being released in early 2015.

It is not used for specific climbing genres but is instead meant to be suitable for a range of climbing types, whether that be outdoors or indoors. It comes with a choice of 6 different colors, and there are four size options.

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Who Is Black Diamond Primrose Harness for?

As the title indicates this the Primrose is for female climbers, but that covers a broad spectrum. There are beginner climbers, and this is definitely a harness that will suit them, for one very simple reason – it is very easy to use. You can get started quickly and with the minimum of fuss in learning how to wear and adjust the harness.

For more experienced climbers, Black Diamond Primrose women’s climbing harness will also be a harness worth considering due to its levels of comfort, the fact that it can be used for several different climbing types, and other features such as good support, and multiple gear loops.

What’s Included?

By its very nature, a climbing harness does not come in multiple parts, so there is nothing to assemble as such.

However, you will need to carefully read and follow the instructions that come with it, to ensure you use it safely. It does come in a reusable zipped bag which may come in handy, and its shipping weight is only 12 ounces.

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness

Overview of Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness Features

To make the waistband quicker and easier to adjust, it comes pre-threaded, which in addition, ensures that there should be no danger of anyone buckling it incorrectly.

Comfort is promoted by Black Diamond’s dual-core waist belt construction which employs two webbing bands to distribute the user’s weight evenly when they are wearing the harness.

Other features of the waist belt include a supportive foam insert, a soft lining, which is breathable, which and will thus reduce any sweat build up, and edges are bound in such a way as to reduce any abrasion.

Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness

Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness

Both leg loops are made from high-tensile nylon and are manufactured from a single strip of this material so that the support they provide is maximized.

The leg loops have a patent pending ‘trakFIT’ adjustment system which makes adjusting them to the correct and most comfortable size as easy as is possible. There is also an elastic and adjustable rear riser to maintain comfort, especially in your leg area as you ascend or descend.

While this climbing harness may seem only for new climbers given its ease of use, it is also an excellent harness for those who are more seasoned climbers. Apart from the excellent levels of comfort it can provide, it has other features which recommend it, including four gear loops for carrying items or accessories.

How to Use Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness

Each and every women’s climbing harness will come with its own specific set of instructions relating to how to adjust and wear the harness correctly and safely. The Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness is a relatively simple harness so its instructions should be fairly straightforward.

Even so, no matter how good the instructions are, it is actually best if you can see what is required. For this reason, please check out the video at this link to see how to put on a climbing harness, and the steps you need to take to ensure you are wearing it correctly.

Alternative Women's Harnesses

If you are less concerned about how easy a harness is to use, and more focused on how comfortable it will be, then a highly recommended option is the Petzl Luna Women’s Climbing Harness.

It has many features within its design which are specifically comfort related. These include construction which provides even weight distribution, a contoured fit suited to a female’s back, a breathable foam waist belt, and padded leg loops.

The Petzl Luna also has an impressive amount of gear loops, which consist of two rigid loops, two flexible loops at the rear, and a center loop in front for belay gear.

Final Thoughts on Black Diamond Primrose Harness 

Knowing the Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness is made by a brand as reputable as Black Diamond should give anyone considering it the confidence that this is a quality product.

It can be used for a range of climbing activities. Although many experienced climbers will greatly benefit from using it, beginners, in particular, will enjoy the fact that it is simple to use.

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