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December 22, 2020

Best Rappelling Rope

It is challenging to select the best rappelling rope but don't worry; you have arrived at the right place.

Static ropes in 9 to 11 mm diameter are considered best for rappelling. These rappelling ropes should be from a trustworthy brand. You should test them thoroughly for their durability before using them.

Officially a static rope should have a minimum width of 8.5mm. Rappel ropes with lesser width are known as cords. Never use such types of so-called rappel cords to rappel because they may not support your weight. Even if they do support, they may not be consistent.

Rope size is also an essential consideration factor. Traditionally, the rappelling rope measures about 200 feet. You may need a longer rope if the depth is more than 60 meters.

Best Rope for Rappelling

The importance of choosing a good rappel rope cannot be overstressed. Of course, other gears are indeed equally crucial. However, if your rappel rope gets damaged while rappelling, you cannot go much further.

I am happy to mention that the quality of ropes found in the market or online is quite good. These rappelling ropes don't snap all of a sudden. They are designed to wear out slowly. Nevertheless, some rappel ropes are always better than their counterparts, especially the premium ones.

You need to maintain a proper parity in price and quality of rappel ropes. It is essential because you will not hold back other crucial gears like carabiners, rappelling rings, or belay devices.

If we talk about expensive rappel ropes, they are usually durable. However, don't be misled because long rappel ropes may also be costly. When we speak about rappel ropes' price, the amount spent by me ranges from $200 to $350.

It may appear more expensive to some of you. But the point is that I don't want to compromise on the quality when the risk is too high.

In this article, I intend to talk about two main kinds of rappel ropes. They are static rappel ropes and dynamic rappel ropes. It will help you in making the correct decision as per your requirements and likings.

Here is a list of the best rappel ropes available out there. If you are looking for rappel ropes available on sale, click the link corresponding to every rappel rope name.

Rappelling Rope

Let Us Begin with Static Best Rappelling Ropes

Static rappel ropes are a handy solution because they are not as stretchable as dynamic rappel ropes. Therefore they are considered best-suited for a descent.

You can use these rappel ropes for recreation activities, caving, rescue purposes, or for doing similar procedures at a height.

The best thing about static rappel ropes is that all these rappel ropes are braided. It implies that they can handle rough handling and regular wear and tear. Despite that, they continue to remain durable and reliable.

Every static rope is made of two elements, namely its core and its sheath. The core part consists of individual strands to support your weight all the time. The outer sheath part holds all the strands together while protecting the core.

I will provide details of a few static ropes you can safely use for rappelling in the coming section.

1) Singing Rock R44 NFPA Static Rope

In case you are searching for a static rappel rope, Singing Rock static rappel rope is an excellent product. It offers unmatched durability, wear resistance, and the least possible bounce.

You can get this static rappel rope in several sizes or colors. The cost of this static rappel rope can go up to several hundred dollars. It is based on the choice of size and color of these ropes. It has become quite famous for its high abrasion resistance. Whatever your choice, it will not disappoint you.

Such performance is made possible by its sheath, which is highly dense and durable. If you don't misuse the rappel rope too much, it can be used for a series of rappel sessions. This static rappel rope is best-suited for rappelling, hauling, or similar activities. Still, it is not considered suitable for climbing or as a top-rope.

Choose a rappel rope with a suitable width that is suitable for your rappelling requirements. You should also select the static rope dia according to your device type.

Although a thicker rope is more durable, it also becomes heavy. All in all, the R44 NFPA static rappel rope is a sturdy choice. I highly suggest this product for both professionals and newbies.

2) BlueWater 11.4mm AssaultLine NFPA Static Rope

Bluewater ropes have categorized these ropes as technical. The reason for such a classification is its low visibility. Low visibility is a stealth feature that is quite useful for police and military operations. 

However, the military's stealth technique may not be a relevant feature for a standard recreational rappel procedure.

It is essential to understand here that these static ropes are very trustworthy. The quality offered by these ropes is the same as the famous BWII plus series.

Besides, NFPA also features a polyester sheath and nylon core, which are both double-twist cabled. All that promises a tensile strength of 3 sigmas and 7935lbf strength rating.

These rappel ropes are perfect for rappelling and suffice as a lead rope for gym purposes. It should be noted before making the purchase decision that these ropes are comparatively bulkier and heavier.

If you get better durability, it is a minimal price to pay by compromising a little extra weight.

3) SWAT Heavy Duty Tactical Rappel Rope by Rothco

Let us say that you are on the lookout for a rappel rope with maximum strength and dependability. In that case, it becomes too costly. Some people may be looking to select a more affordable option. 

They may check out other products on the list. But remember that no other product can match SWAT heavy-duty ropes in terms of strength and durability.

In terms of appearance, this rappel rope comes in a stealth dark green color. It implies that It is not a high visibility rope by any standards. If you are looking for a rappel rope where visibility is crucial for you, you can go for bright and colorful options on the list.

If visibility or premium pricing is not the issue for you, this two hundred feel long rope from Rothco is the right choice. As of now, it is ranked as the most robust and most trustworthy rappel rope globally. Although the price may sound expensive, it is highly durable too. You will not be required to replace it for years together.

This heavy-duty rappel rope can handle tough use and highly stringent conditions. The product package weighs 13.1 pounds. Given a width of 9mm and a length of 200mm, the weight seems to be correct.

4) BSWL Escape Kevlar Safety Ropes

I have shortlisted this specific rappel rope for climbing and rappelling procedures. It offers a unique but strong material composition.

This rappel rope is almost non-destructible. It is manufactured using Kevlar material, which is amongst the world's most rigid material compositions.

You might be thinking of several questions about this unique material. Is it advisable to use Kevlar rope for rappelling? Are these rope types worth their price? Can we use kevlar ropes safely?

I have only one word for all your well-thought questions about Kevlar: YES. It can not get better than that. These Kevlar static ropes in 8mm or 10.5mm consist of high-temperature-resistant stuff.

This material type is perfect for rescue operations, climbing, recreational rappel procedures, and anything similar. The rappel rope's internal core also consists of Kevlar material. It keeps the rope weight comparatively lower and provides a very high tensile strength at the same time.

Don't assume that these Kevlar ropes are designed only for rappelling. In addition to rappelling, you can also use BSWL safety ropes for rescue missions, speed drop procedures, caving, engineering, expansion, and aerial applications.

The rappel rope provides a sheer strength of 22 KN, equivalent to 2500 kilos of force. You also get two o-shaped steel lock systems and a storage bag with these rappel ropes, a welcome addition to the package.

5) MudFog UIAA-Certified 11mm Nylon Kernmantle Static Rope

Mudfog Kernmantle rappel ropes are remarkable as they are UIAA-certified. You can get them in several thickness and length combinations. After thorough research, I have shortlisted the 11mm thick variant of Mudfog static ropes. 

These static ropes are highly reliable, in my opinion. However, you can select the optimum length according to your needs.

You can choose from three available colors. The colors are namely red, black, and orange. Both red and orange colors appear similar to me, but that is not relevant to this discussion.

Let us talk about some crucial aspects of these rappel ropes. This product has been officially certified by the international climbing and mountaineering federation.

According to its size, this rappel rope is comparatively lightweight. Moreover, it is perfect for waterfall rappelling because the product comes with excellent water absorption features.

These static rappel ropes can be used in abseiling, boating, caving, heavy hauling, and rescue operations. Finally, You can also consider adding these rappel ropes to your emergency rappel kit. It is not a bad idea, after all, as they are lightweight.

6) Drogeai Outdoor Rock Climbing Rope

In the outdoor gear market, Drogeai is a reputable brand. That is why I trust and suggest their products. I shortlisted this product because it provides the best combination of dia, portability, and trustworthiness.

Drogeai outdoor rock is a static rope best-suited for rappelling, rescue missions, climbing, and parachuting.

It has a diameter of 10mm and consists of Polyester fibers, which are amongst the most durable materials suitable for outdoor gear.

It is available in a lovely red color that provides excellent visibility. Here, it is assumed that you are not looking for a rope for stealth rappelling. You can quickly knot this rope as it is lightweight. Also, you can carry it around easily because it folds up soon due to its lower weight.

You can buy this rope in different sizes from 10mm to 20mm. However, it is amongst the more costly rappel ropes in the market.

7) Sunzor Rock 10mm Climbing Rope

This rappel rope is certified and fulfills the International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation's (UIAA) stringent requirements. The tendon is amongst the most reliable rappel rope brands in the market.

So far, I have introduced several excellent ropes. I must admit that all these ropes are quite expensive. From a safety point of view, I will never suggest buying a cheaper rappelling rope.

However, these Sunzor ropes provide excellent value for money. At a length of 164, they do not seem very expensive. If you go for shorter ones, they are a lot cheaper.

Be rest assured of Sunzor quality. The company claims that it uses 20 whole core ropes for all its products.

This rappel rope consists of 100% premium polyester material. This material ensures a capacity to bear a 4,945 lbs load. It is categorized as a static rope and is suitable for rappelling. However, you can also use these ropes for other applications like a fire escape or tree swings.

8) Tendon Canyon 9mm Dry Rope UIAA or CE Certified

It is a trustworthy polyamide static rope in a lightweight. It can be used in various types of applications, including climbing, caving, rappelling, and canyoneering.

It is available in light orange and white color combination, which is highly visible. I usually give preference to ropes with higher visibility compared to subtle colors.

This rappel rope is certified and fulfills the International Mountaineering and Climbing Foundation's (UIAA) stringent requirements. The tendon is amongst the most reliable rappel rope brands in the market.

Many efforts are put into designing these ropes so that they do not fail under demanding conditions. It is precisely the reason why this brand is ranked amongst the most trustworthy rope brands. The brand is ranked high with reputable names like Black Diamond and Petzl.

These ropes use a trademark nanotechnology process that adds small particles of Teflon eco. It is also known as a complete shield finish. When they apply Teflon eco particles to the rope sheath, it forms an almost impermeable layer.

This coating ensures that lesser dirt particles get through the rope. It has a rope knot tenacity of a minimum of 18.4 kN or nearly 4136pf. Read further our guide on dry rope vs. non-dry rope.

9) X-Ben Outdoor Climbing Rope

This rope is amongst the most versatile ropes apart from being affordable. It is an example of a typical versatile climbing rope with multiple applications. You may use it for climbing, hiking, camping, caving, fire escape, and, of course, rappelling.

This rope provides an excellent combination of strength and durability at a lower price. That is why it has got the status of bestseller climbing rope on Amazon. I have not tried this rope, but it has got many positive reviews.

If we consider the pricing with a tensile force of 3300 lbs, it can be recommended for rappelling. However, I would like to use this rope as a backup or for practice.

It comes in three colors of orange, black, and blue. This rope is available in different lengths, from 32 feet to 500 feet.

Can a Dynamic Rope be Used for Rappelling?

What is the essential difference between these two types of rope? Dynamic ropes come with an extra bit of stretch. They have a degree of flex or elasticity. This specific feature is perfect for climbing but not at all for rappelling. Let us see why.

A dynamic rope can absorb part of the energy to stop during a fall. It implies that a climber could be protected by a dynamic rope. The rappel rope puts reduced tension on the body, thereby making the fall bearable.

Dynamic rope lengths can be stretched 26-36% under high impacts. Even typical body weight can also cause a stretch of 7-11%. On the other hand, static ropes do not stretch much comparatively.

Hence, dynamic ropes are more reliable, safer, and comfortable. However, they are not so for rappelling. The rappeller needs to have complete control over the process of descent.

Hence static ropes are always preferred for rappelling. Still, it is not impossible to rappel with dynamic ropes.

It can only be recommended if the person concerned is skilled and can handle the bounce during a descent. Furthermore, bouncing may also cause extra wear on anchors.

10) The PETZL Contact 9.8mm

If you have made up your mind to do rappelling with dynamic ropes, you need to use the Dynamic rope type that is highly trustworthy. You can consider using an established climbing rope from Petzl in a 9.8mm diameter.

This rope is available in a bright turquoise color. The length is about 60 meters or 196 feet roughly. It is highly durable due to its ultrasonic finish. The product features a climb-ready coil, and the ultrasonic finish bonds the core and sheath at the rope ends.

There is a little more expert technology involved here. Everflex thermal treatment stabilizes the core. It also ensures increased grip for handling. You may feel that all these terms sound like a hardcore marketing campaign to influence gullible buyers.

However, You will find it quite challenging to find a rappeller or a climber who used a Petzl rope and was not satisfied with its performance.

Advice on Selecting and Maintaining Your Rappelling Rope

You should select your rappel rope with a lot of care and also maintain it well. It is crucial to do it because it is essential to provide you safety during rappelling. You may choose a rope according to your pocket and skill level.

You can shortlist a premium one or select a value for money product that is affordable. But I believe that respected brands almost always don't disappoint. Some reputed manufacturer brands are Petzl, Sunzor, and Mudfog.

10 of the Best Rappelling Ropes Reviewed

These rope brands are best for rope rappelling. If you want to learn more about safely doing this activity, please go through my detailed guide here.

In addition to the above information, it is also crucial to learn about these ropes' timely disposal. Sometimes, even if you have not used a rappel rope for a long time, you should discard it and buy a new one. For instance, you should change your rappel rope immediately if it came in contact with some chemical.

If the core part is exposed due to a damaged sheath, never use such a rappel rope. Similarly, if sheath appears to be fraying or wearing out, replace the rappel rope immediately.

Furthermore, if rappel rope feels stiffer than usual, it has perhaps reached the end of life. Similarly, you can also replace a rappel rope if it goes through heavy loads.

If you plan to use a rope protector, you may check out the Petzl Protec. Rappel ropes face a lot of hardships during their lifetime. If you spend a handsome amount on premium ropes, you expect them to last longer.

Still, it always pays to use a rope protector like Petzl Protec. You can get a flexible rope protection system for about $25 to avoid rope abrasion. With the help of Velcro closure and a clip, you can install this device almost instantly, and it will make your life peaceful.

It appears to be a simple product, but it is quite useful. It is comparatively affordable too. This device works well and does not come in the way of rappelling.


Getting the right rappel rope is not an easy task. However, you can select from a wide variety available out there. Ultimately, it should be trustworthy and reputed.

I have made an effort to offer you the best of these products, and they come true on these two counts. Please note that some of the suggested items may not be available in the market after some time.

That is why I regularly update information in my articles to ensure that you get the best fresh products every time. Anyway, one last word taht goes with ropes, learn how to coil any rope.

The rankings on are curated to save you time by aggregating the best reviewed products from the most reputable companies. We may receive a commission if you buy something using a link on this page.

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