May 31, 2021

La Sportiva Miura Women’s Review

by Jullie

The La Sportiva Miura Women's is the ideal shoe for climbers looking for a technical yet nifty climbing shoe. While breaking in will take some time, this climbing shoe is exceptionally comfy once you break-in. In addition, the sole used is soft and supple, adding to its comfort. 

Even though this shoe might not be ideal for beginners, it is perfect for intermediate climbers looking for a high-performance, versatile intermediate climbing shoe. The Miura will impress you in different situations such as edging, granite climbing, and smearing. However, considering their profile and price tag, these climbing shoes should be used as an upgrade climbing shoe instead of a beginner climbing shoe. 

When we tested them, we found that they performed best on vertical routes, but they were not as impressive on steeper terrain. When you size it tight, this shoe will be suitable for bouldering and sport climbing. On the other hand, when you size it loosely, it is ideal for extended multi-pitch climbs. 

The La Sportiva Miura has been in the market for more than a decade now. It has fantastic edging ability, a versatile sole ideal for tricky footholds and smearing, and a relative downturn. They are suitable for all climbing styles, which is why they were one of our favorite climbing shoes to test. Also, we were pretty fascinated with the turquoise additions and stylish geometric patterns, and all this, combined with its impressive performance, makes this shoe awesome. 

What we like:

  • Excels at edging;
  • The lacing system offers maximum adjustability;
  • Suitable for vertical routes and cracks.

What we don't like:

  • Laces wear out when crack climbing;
  • Not ideal for all foot shapes.

La Sportiva Miura Women's Feature Highlights

A high performance lace-up women's climbing shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance.

La Sportiva Miura Womens Тое

Feature Toe Box

The unique Miura Women's toe box is downturned across the foot's arch. For this reason, it is pretty spacious, offering your toes space to move around marginally. Nevertheless, when you're not climbing, the toe box leather might pucker your toes. 

The spacious design of the toe box profile might not be attractive for some climbers, but this design is added deliberately. This additional space powers down on your foot, making using pressure on the small edges more comfortable and prevents slippage. 

What's more, the Slingshot rand, as with the men's version, moves across the back of your foot and links to the midsole. This links up what is typically known as the Power-hinge. This, blended with the aggressive asymmetry, guarantees all the power is concentrated towards the front part of the foot. 

On steep overhanging routes, the Miura Women's performance is not quite good. Therefore, even though it will get you to the end of your adventure, it would be best if you search for a more downturned climbing shoe for this purpose. This is advisable, especially if you spend a lot of time on this type of adventure.

Unfortunately, the Miura Women's flatten after some time, thus lessening their ability to maneuver steep angles. The toe patch rubber is not impressive, but it is useful enough. While it might not give similar coverage to a boulder or competition dedicated climbing shoe, it is handy enough for various purposes. 

If you're primarily an indoor climber, where there is a lot of toe hooking, the Miura women's might not be the go-to climbing shoe since it's not the best for minor or technical toe hooking.

La Sportiva Miura Womens Heel

Feature Heel

The low-volume construction of the Miura is supported using the slingshot rand. The Vibram XS Grip2 rubber covers the rear of the heel cup, offering it a rather diverse profile. While it is nothing too exciting, this extra touch is helpful on the small edges. 

Similar to all climbing shoes, you might feel pretty uncomfortable depending on your foot's shape. Most significantly, where the shoe discontinues on the heel's back, some climbers might feel the shoe's edge cutting into their ankles. 

The difference between the women's and men's models is the extra light padding on the heel's interior of the women's shoe. For this reason, the women's version is more comfortable and helps fit the heel cup in a snug and secure way. 

Considering they are somewhat narrow and downturned, the women's Miura can be rather painful to wear while crack climbing. This is because this climbing style needs you to jam your feet in the cracks constantly. However, when sized a bit higher, they can offer plenty of comforts when crack climbing. Though this shoe is not ideal for constant crack climbing, it will perform impressively because of the pointed and narrow toe.

La Sportiva Miura Womens Rubber

Feature Rubber

Obviously, the men's and women's versions have different rubber compounds due to weight differences. The men's La Sportiva Miura features the Vibram XS Edge rubber compound, a relatively rigid yet tacky rubber. As the name suggests, this rubber is ideal for edging. 

On the other hand, the women's version sports the Vibram XS Grip2 rubber, which is a softer and tackier compound. Therefore, for a less weighty climber, this climbing shoe will provide the same performance on the edges without sacrificing control.

The logic behind this difference in body weight is remarkable since climbing gear firms take a better look at how it affects the performance of a specific product. If you are looking for a high-performance yet versatile climbing shoe, don't worry about the gender labels; look for the one that will meet your climbing needs. 

Feature Comfort and Fit

The La Sportiva Miura women's climbing shoes fit is different depending on the shape and size of your foot, compared to this climbing shoe's. One thing that differentiates the men's and women's versions, other than the jazzy shade, is the extra padding on the women's version's heel. This makes it more comfortable, meaning the shoe will fit more securely. 

Some climbing shoes might dig into the heel when breaking in, which is a shortcoming that affects general comfort. Nevertheless, many men have purchased the women's version thanks to the comfort it has to offer. Meanwhile, the Miura women's can be painful to wear in the beginning, especially if it is tightly sized for performance. So we bought this new version, but it dug a bit into the heel until we broke in, which was quite painful.

The other feature that will make or break the general comfort of this climbing shoe is the exceptional toe box. Unfortunately, there is a lot of material in the toe box; thus, it can be a bit challenging to fill out this shoe completely, even when sized down. Typically, this is not a big deal, and it does not affect comfort, but it is essential to remember when trying this climbing shoe and when breaking in. 

The Miura break-in period can be rather painful, especially if they are sized tightly for performance; however, they begin to feel a bit comfier after some time. Also, these edging machines will not stretch as much, considering they are made of unlined leather upper and synthetic Dentex. 

Made for Overhanging Sport Routes, Bouldering, Gym Climbing and Technical Face Climbing

Many people wear La Sportiva Miura Women's climbing shoes tight for technical sport climbing and high-end bouldering, but others who have worn them looser say that they perform just as well for crack climbing, trad routes, and big wall climbing. They have a leather upper with a synthetic lining (none under the foot however so as to not reduce sensitivity), and so will probably stretch about half a size.

The Verdict

If you are searching for a technical edging machine, the women's Miura is the climbing shoe to go for. At first, it was ideal for edging, but after some time, they became the go-to climbing shoe for small holds and smearing since the rubber eats away. 

We preferred this climbing shoe for vertical climbing that sports minor holds. Also, they performed decently on low-angle cracks and slabs. All these variables combined made the Miura an excellent shoe for Granite climbing. Many climbers utilize this climbing shoe as a secret weapon for techy faces, edging, technical routes, vertical terrain, finger cracks, and face climbs. 

This is the shoe to go for if you need one shoe for multiple rock climbing disciplines instead of having various pairs for different purposes. Hopefully, our review of the La Sportiva Miura Women's climbing shoes has helped you find the ideal high-performance, versatile climbing shoe that you've been looking for. 

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