June 1, 2021

La Sportiva Oxygym Review

by Brad

With numerous climbing shoes available, it can be overwhelming for beginners to choose the best pair. La Sportiva Oxygym is comfortable and affordable climbing footwear that serves as an excellent arbitrator between unfriendly rocks and your feet. In addition, they are among the first climbing shoes made from durable, 100% machine washable, and internal breathable fabrics. As a result, if you often struggle with smelly shoes after a long session in the gym, La Sportiva is the right option for you.

As suggested by its name, "Oxygym," this climbing shoe primarily focuses on comfort and durability rather than performance. They feature low asymmetry and flat last that keep your weight evenly distributed throughout your entire foot. As a result, it is easier for beginner climbers to get the hang of basic climbing and rappelling skills, like smearing and edging.

Other than its sturdy and comfortable construction materials, La Sportiva Oxygym also comes with a patented hook-and the loop closure system for a personalized fit with a good grip. In addition, the climbing shoe also features La Sportiva's Lacing System for easy putting on and removing the shoe. In this La Sportiva Oxygym review, we will discuss the unique features of this climbing shoe and its advantages and disadvantages while climbing aor rappelling. So, without further ado, let us get started!

What we like:

  • High-quality, comfortable, and breathable fabric material;
  • A bright and visually appealing color scheme;
  • Hand or machine washable;
  • Two Velcro straps for personalized fit and good grip;
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate climbers.

What we don't like:

  • According to various customer reviews, the sole easily comes out;
  • Other customers have complained that the straps tear after a while of use.

La Sportiva Oxygym Feature Highlights

A hook-and-loop closure climbing shoe made from 100% breathable and washable fabric, designed for those who climb frequently. This shoe was made with versatility and durability in mind.

La Sportiva Oxygym Shoes Toe

Feature Toe Box

The toe box of this climbing shoe is flat and wide, making it ideal for balancing and smearing on massive footholds. However, due to its modern design, the shoe does not perform well on overhangs and delicate foot placements.

Likewise, the toe rand consists of a more durable rubber material than that used to make the sole. However, the toe rand is not of the best quality, making it challenging to stick many bat hangs. But this is not a significant deal-breaker, so you should not be put off as a beginner climber or even rappelled.

La Sportiva Oxygym Shoes Heel

Feature Heel

When it comes to La Sportiva Oxygym climbing shoe, its heel is quite more impressive. It consists of a sticky rubber material that provides plenty of traction on the plastic and rock. As a result, these climbing shoes give you a lot of confidence when climbing, even on the smallest heel hooks.

It is also worthy to note that the sides and bottom of these shoes also feature circular indents. These circular indents give the shoe an attractive and sleek design and provide an extra grip to the wearer while climbing or rappelling.

La Sportiva Oxygym Shoes Rubber

Feature Rubber

Thanks to their rubber construction, La Sportiva Oxygym is a versatile shoe, ideal for use during an intense training session at the gym and in the great outdoors. The shoes feature La Sportiva's 5mm Frixion Rubber material, which has a gentle spoon-dipped shape stretching all the way back to the shoe. 

Frixion rubber is a durable and affordable material suitable for the needs of a beginner climber. It is also worth noting that the rubber material on the sole is easily replaceable.

Although it is not as sturdy and durable as Vibram rubber, Frixion rubber is among the better budget rubbers that work effectively. Additionally, unlike other affordable beginner climbing shoes with a flat rubber sole, this shoe offers you a better grip and more friction for heel hook when honing your skills at the gym.

Furthermore, La Sportiva Oxygym features a vibrant color design, yellow for men and turquoise for women, allow wearers to ooze confidence in their footwork. Due to this attractive and brilliant design, the shoe maintains a stiff sole and beautiful shape throughout its entire life.

Feature Comfort and Fit

As mentioned earlier, La Sportiva Oxygym is an extremely comfortable climbing shoe that offers plenty of support to a novice climber. It comes with three layers of WashTex outer material enclosed with a wrap. The upper layer allows moisture to escape and facilitates the breathability feature. 

The middle layer consists of structural microfiber material, while the bottom layer features an Airtex Silver lining. All these materials aid in ensuring maximum comfort to the wearer and easy hand or machine washing. However, avoid washing them with extremely hot water as it will melt the glue used to stick the layers together.

Another unique feature of La Sportiva Oxygym climbing shoe is that it is incredibly supportive. Beginner climbers are not in the habit of straining their feet and toes. They are also not used to the weight and pressure involved in climbing or rappelling. 

Due to their inability to stretch or bend, the stiffness of these climbing shoes facilitates even distribution of force across the toes and feet, making it more efficient to climb. As mentioned earlier, the shoe's patented hook-and-loop Velcro system makes it easy to wear and remove the shoe. It also adapts easily to match the wearer's size, giving him a good grip while in the gym or outdoors.

Designed for Those Who Climb Frequently. This Shoe Was Made with Versatility and Durability in Mind

This comfortable shoe is breathable and durable, with breathable upper that is excellent for moisture management and super comfortable on your foot all day. The AirTex Silver lining helps to reduce odor. The shoe is completely washable (air dry only) so it's ideal for gyms and any climber that is looking to wash the funk off! The highly adjustable closure system adapts to multiple foot types and shapes.

The Verdict

Generally, La Sportiva Oxygym climbing shoes are top-quality indoor climbing shoes that are comfortable, long-lasting, and washable. Over the years, the climbing community has grown to appreciate its capability, even though the sole durability needs some improvements.

All in all, Oxygym is a stylish and flexible shoe that beginner and mid-level climbers can use during prolonged gym sessions or rappelling adventures. Furthermore, it is an impeccable bargain, primarily due to its complete breathability, washability, and ability to keep smell and odor away.

However, the shoe lacks some essential features when it comes to professional rock climbing or descending. Luckily, the brand has many other options for experienced climbers and rappellers can choose from. Meanwhile, they can use La Sportiva Oxygym climbing shoes for middling traditional climbs or standard gym climbs without feeling any discomfort.

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