by Kevin

April 8, 2021

What Size Climbing Shoes Should I Buy

Climbing shoes will never be the most comfortable pair of shoes that you own. There is no use in buying a shoe that you will spend most of the time complaining about.

Climbing is a sport. If you want to make sure you enjoy this sport, ensure you have the right climbing shoes to make your experience more fun. 

There are so many different shoe brands, and deciding on what size climbing shoes you should get is not always an easy thing. Climbing shoes are the closest thing to your feet; you should not feel pain when you put them on. 

How should fit climbing shoes

What to Consider When Deciding What Climbing Shoes to Buy 

Depending on different brands, different climbing shoes come in different sizes. An essential factor to consider when deciding on what size of climbing shoes you should buy.

Things to look for in climbing shoes are the climbing discipline you always use, how difficult the climbing is, the climbing location, and the material used on the climbing shoes and their fit

What Size of Climbing Shoes Do You Need?

Fit is an important aspect when you are deciding on what size of rock climbing shoes you need.

It is essential to compare different brands and shoe models. Below are a few tips to help you find that perfect fit. 

Consider shopping in the afternoon

Your feet tend to swell up in the afternoon. Before you shop for rock climbing shoes, go for a jog, take a walk, or run. Some people wear climbing shoes without socks since some climbing shoes are made to reduce slippage.

However, cold conditions will require you to put on a pair of socks, buy a slightly big shoe. It will then fit perfectly when you wear it with socks.

Look for in Climbing Shoes

Try them on

You can’t be sure of the size of rock-climbing shoes you should get by just looking at them. You have to try them on. It is better to shop for rock climbing shoes yourself.

If you are getting them online, you could order an additional size and take back what doesn’t fit. Before embarking on rock climbing, wear shoes and walk around the neighborhood. 

Be flexible when the size is involved

Everybody has a different size of foot. Climbing shoes come in the United Kingdom, European, and U.S sizes. If you are not sure of your size, confirm with the size chart.

Pay attention and note that size 38 of one shoe brand will be slightly bigger than size 38 of a different shoe brand. When you fit a shoe, undo all the laces and then tighten them. 

Know Precisely What You Want

Rock climbing shoes need to fit well; they don’t have to fit painfully. If you have foot pain, chances are you won’t have an easy time climbing and end up with blisters. Here are some of the standard fitting rules:

Wearing socks with climbing shoes
  • Do not buy shoes that have space between the inside of your shoes and your toes. By doing this, you will ensure that you are not buying a shoe that is not fitting well. 
  • Ensure your toes are comfortable in the shoes and the knuckles of your toes are not stuck or rubbing painfully against the top of the shoe. 
  • Your heel should have a perfect fit. Ensure the back of your climbing shoe is not hurting the Achilles tendon. 
  • Different feet bend differently. If you are having a hard time fitting a shoe or climbing shoes are tight, chances are they are not the correct size. 
  • In general, you will know your shoe fits perfectly if it has a higher performance. 


Getting the perfect shoe size of a rock-climbing shoe is not a walk in the park. If it is possible, determine the size of your shoe by fitting it yourself. Do not send anyone to get you a pair of shoes. 

When deciding on what size of climbing shoes you should get, consider the general rule, stick to your size, and from there, things will be smooth. The above points will help you determine the extent of climbing shoes that are perfect for you. 

As you climb more often, you are likely to use tighter shoes as days go by. Tighter shoes will give you more control and balance over your feet. 

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Kevin loves bouldering. Mainly because he can practice it alone without considering other people. Although he rediscovered this hobby in the last three years, the boulders turned out to be his most visited landmarks.

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