May 28, 2021

La Sportiva Miura VS Review

by Bernice

The Miura VS climbing shoe is among the classic climbing shoes from La Sportiva, providing incredible performance on a variety of terrain. This rigid, aggressive climbing shoe is one of the best for edging on small surfaces, and most climbers prefer it for steep boulders, vertical granite routes, and technical climbs. 

We tested this shoe, and below we will review it in detail from the comfort and fit to the toe box and heel. To find out how this shoe faired when we were testing it. Here is the La Sportiva Miura VS review. 

What we like:

  • Excels at edging;
  • Rigid;
  • Ideal for pockets.

What we don't like:

  • Not very sensitive;
  • Uncomfortable. 

La Sportiva Miura VS Feature Highlights

A high performance climbing shoe with a hook-and-loop closure system for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance.

La Sportiva Miura VC Toe

Feature Toe Box

The toe box of the Miura VS is incredible, and it makes this climbing shoe excellent for even standing on the minor holds. These climbing shoes will make the slippery and almost impossible edges to maneuver feel like nothing. This is thanks to a combination of various handy design features. 

The asymmetrical toe and rigid rubber focuses most of the power on your toes and are definitely contributing factors to the impressive performance offered by the toe box. However, the power hinge and slingshot rand are the two variables of combined engineering which come in handy and set this climbing shoe apart from its competition.

The slingshot rand is the rubber that wraps across the whole shoe. It is tensioned and is linked to the power hinge, so once you apply a lot of weight to the toes, the rubber stretches towards the back instead of the front. 

The power hinge is a hole beneath the sole. This is somewhat technical, though what is important to note is that the genius construction of this climbing shoe helps to focus your body weight on the toes and hold on to even the minor footholds. 

On the other hand, this shoe does come with a few downsides. It does not toe the hook as impressively as its edges. In addition, the toe rand is marginal, which leaves you with a small amount of rubber-to-toe hook. Our testers also realized that the first Velcro strap is a bit near the toe box, which impacted their ability to achieve a solid hook.

La Sportiva Miura VC Heel

Feature Heel

The heel of the Miura VS design translates to a snug fit thanks to the slingshot rand. This fit makes heel hooking comfortable and secure. In addition, the relatively thick rubber incorporated by the manufacturer offers you a bit more protection from rocks and aids in sticking several gnarly hooks. 

On the other hand, the minimal heel construction does have a few shortcomings. For example, some climbing shoes from La Sportiva, such as the Solution, feature a heel cup made of rubber handy in trying technical hooks.

This design, compared to the Miura's, which features a minimal heel and one strip of rubber wrapped around the back of the heel, indeed provides reduced ability to heel hook. 

La Sportiva Miura VC Rubber

Feature Rubber

The men's version of the Miura VS is made using the Vibram XS Edge rubber compound. This 4mm rubber is a robust compound and is infamous for its rigidity and durability. On the other hand, the women's version features the Vibram XS Grip2 rubber. This is a softer and obviously less sturdy rubber. 

The logic behind this is that men are weightier and require a more durable platform so as to edge well. Meanwhile, women get the less durable and softer rubber since they are lighter. But the XS Grip 2 rubber offers a bit more give, meaning more friction.

However, this all comes down to preference; numerous male climbers use the women's Miura version and love it since it has a tackier and softer sole. On the other hand, some female climbers love the solid feel of climbing offered by the men's model. 

Feature Comfort and Fit

If you downsize these shoes a bit, the reality is they will hurt. So, our testers sized them up by half a size from their normal street shoe size before they could comfortably climb in them. 

The toe has a low-volume build that fits quite well in narrow cracks by pressing down on the upper part of the big toe, which is why it will hurt if you size down too much. Besides, if you do not size the Miura right, the buckle might be a problem. Some of our testers felt it pushing down on the upper part of their feet every time they placed them in a smearing position. 

It is mostly a narrow climbing shoe, so if you have wide feet, it will help if you bought the men's model since it features a wider last. However, the comfort this climbing shoe has to offer depends on how you size it. It does not offer much comfort; therefore, you will endure much more pain if you size it wrong. 

This is a high-performance shoe, and they are typically uncomfortable. The women's version is not ideal for climbers with wide feet since if your feet swell on hot days, it will be that much more painful to climb with it. On the other hand, the men's version is better since it is roomy, though both models are quite painful to break in

Must Have Climbing Shoes for Bouldering and Technical Climbing

Easy on and off convenience makes this sporty, high-end edging and smearing shoe a must for bouldering and technical climbing. La Sportiva pulled key design elements from the Miura and incorporated them into this three strap hook-and-loop closure system. The one-piece leather upper has a synthetic lining to control stretch and is unlined under the foot to allow for excellent sensitivity on micro edges and smears. The Miura VS is built with the P3® platform for a continued down turn shape which makes it excellent for steep overhangs.

The Verdict

This climbing shoe is advertised as high-performance footwear. But it is more useful when you know how to use it. For instance, do not use it for toe hooking; it will disappoint you. If you are looking for a shoe that will allow you to climb and edge excellently, the Miura VS is the ideal choice. It is sturdy though it loses its edging ability after excessive wear and tear. 

It is perfect for challenging climbing situations where you can utilize it in the tricky edges. The asymmetric profile also is handy on small rock features. Compared to the lace's version, this Velcro straps model is designed for overhang terrain and boulders.

However, for this shoe to perform excellently, you must size it tightly, meaning it could be painful. But to climb on a different level, you are at times required to give up comfort. Though to be sure they're not unbearably painful, it would help if you tried them on before purchasing. 

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