March 3, 2021

Petzl Elia Climbing Helmet Women’s Review

by Roger
  • The PETZL Elia climbing helmet is a comfortable yet durably constructed helmet, and it is also trendy.
  • It is an excellent all-around helmet, ideal for ice and rock climbing.
  • Petzl Elia is a perfect option for climbers searching for an ABS-style hardshell helmet. What's more, it is ideal for you who have long hair.

Petzl Elia Climbing Helmet Review

Perhaps, among the most vital gear-purchasing decisions you will make as a climber is a climbing helmet.

When the time comes for you to choose the best rappelling and climbing helmet, there is a myriad of options in the market, which is why I recommend the PETZL Elia climbing helmet.

There are only two kinds of helmets; lightweight foam ones and hardshell options. As a climber, I prefer to go the hardshell way. The PETZL Elia is a comfortable yet durably constructed helmet, and it is also trendy.

It is among the comfiest hardshell helmets I've used. In my opinion, it is an excellent all-around helmet, ideal for ice and rock climbing. Why? Continue reading to find out.

Petzl Elia Helmet Top Features

  • OMEGA headband mechanism for comfort;
  • Injection-moulded ABS-style hardshell is robust and lightweight;
  • Polystyrene liner reduces the impact;
  • Chinstrap and flexible headband for additional comfort;
  • Side opening allows for airflow;
  • The interior foam is detachable and washable;
    50 to 58 size range.
Petzl Elia Versatile Hlemet for Women
Petzl Elia Climbing Helmet for Women


  • It's snug and offers excellent stability;
  • It can be easily adjusted;
  • Multiple vents for airflow;
  • The chins strap is easy to handle and undo using one hand.


  • The chins strap is too long.

Petzl Elia Best Features



The PETZL Elia is one of the snuggest among the ABS helmets I've ever tried. The first thing that makes this awesome gear so comfy is the OMEGA ponytail construction. Numerous women have long hair but have to uncomfortably tuck it in the back due to their helmet's design. 

It is tricky and quite uncomfortable to wear this type of helmet the whole day. But, thanks to the OMEGA Ponytail feature, you no longer have to worry about this. While pigtails might sound like a decent solution, at some point, they will also get uncomfortable.

The Elia fantastically solves this issue by placing the band that initially went across the back and into a curve facing upwards to ensure that there is an ideal spot for your ponytail.

Additionally, this band can be adjusted either downwards or upwards; choose the suitable height and width to perfectly fit your head's circumference. The adjustments are handy in making the helmet feel comfortable and still accommodate your long hair.

The single chin strap is another thing to like since it reduced the bulk beneath my chin. The brow's soft padding was also handy in ensuring the plastic band didn't rub against my forehead. Since the entire band slides down and up, I felt a soothing

feature 2


The PETZL Elia features a tensioning system, which took me some time to become accustomed to. Besides, it only comes in one size; therefore, those who are not within the 50 to 58cm range may have some issues getting a suitable fit.

Rather than having a tightening knob at the rear, there is one on either side, and the entire plastic system rotates a few degrees as well. Regrettably, the PETZL Elia did require a few adjustments every time I wore it.

It was a bit challenging to utilize the slider adjustments at the top with my gloves on, and often they got stuck when they had grit in them. On the other hand, the single chin strap was easy to adjust, even when using one hand.

But it does not feature slider buckles, making it easy to modify the helmet in the ears area. This sacrificed stability when I wore it. Since you can only find it in one size, it might not be suitable for all women, though if you're within the 50 to 58cm range, this is a helmet worth purchasing. 

feature 3


At 10.1 ounces, the PETZL Elia is among the lightest ABS helmets I've carried to my adventures. Whereas its weight is similar to EPP and EPS foam helmets, this one does feature the smallest profile, with a circumference of only 22 inches.

feature 4


When it comes to ventilation, the Elia helmet is unmatched. Compared with other ABS construction helmets, which have poor ventilation, the PETZL Elia has impressive ventilation.

It has seven vents at several levels on either side to promote the flow of air. The OMEGA headband mechanism has the shell positioned somewhat high above your head, which results in improved ventilation, and makes it ideal for people with long hair. 

feature 5

Headlamp Attachment

This women's helmet has a user-friendly headlamp attachment. It has secure clips, which are not excessively tight, so as not to make it difficult to attach a headlamp beneath it. 

When I had the headlamp on, it didn't sit above the adjustment straps on the helmet's side, though I still managed to work with it. The PETZL Elia is compatible with the PETZL Vision ice climbing Eye Shield. 

feature 6


I was impressed with Elia's sturdiness, considering it's an ABS helmet. Besides the ABS plastic, which will go for years, the chin strap has a robust buckle instead of other PETZL helmets, which feature the magnetic buckle and a few drawbacks.

feature 7


The PETZL Elia has an affordable price tag, considering its long-lasting construction, and it can absorb a considerable hit. The MSRP is almost similar to other ABS design helmets; therefore, you no longer require breaking the bank to buy a helmet with an exceptional design. On the other hand, it is quite heavy and marginally less breathable.

Petzl Elia Review


The PETZL Elia climbing helmet comes in several colors, white, red apple, and celery green. In general, it's an excellent and highly versatile helmet. Besides, it will last you a long time, from climbing for several years to absorbing impact and shielding your head, and still have no abrasion marks.

Additionally, the PETZL Elia is constructed to wear during ice climbing, caving, and mountaineering. And finally, it is specially designed for men and women who have long hair and want to tie a ponytail.

Luckily, I've never fallen on my head during any of my many adventures. However, it's the habit that's important, and you should definitely utilize a helmet whether you're going for rock or sport climbing. Well, there you have it, the PETZL Elia Climbing helmet.

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