March 2, 2021

Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet Review

by Kevin
  • A climbing helmet is quite necessary for outdoor climbing, whether you're going rock climbing or mountain climbing.
  • They offer protection for your head from side impacts and comfort with their streamlined design.
  • Here I will review the PETZL Meteor climbing helmet in detail. Continue reading to find out more about the best features of this helmet.

Petzl Meteor Climbing Helmet Review

This helmet has fast turned into my favorite mountain climbing and skis go-to touring helmet.

It fits me well and is lightweight, which is why I never leave it when going for my climbing adventures. 

The best climbing helmet should be durable, comfortable, and flexible in the long run, and the Meteor is no exception. Compared to most skiing-specific helmets, this one has considerably improved ventilation, with 21 ventilations. 

What's more, it is lighter, and it provides a wide range of adjustments. Additionally, when you want to carry your ski goggles with you, you can place them on top of this fantastic helmet.

The PETZL Meteor helmet is perfect for individuals who prefer ski mountaineering and ski touring. Also, it is a good option if you're searching for a helmet you can utilize for climbing or skiing.

Petzl Meteor Helmet Top Features

  • EPS Foam liner;
  • Outer Polycarbonate shell;
  • 21 ventilations;
  • Sleek design and impressive finishing;
  • CE certified for ski touring;
  • The front part is designed to hold ski goggles;
  • The elastic band at the back is compatible with the ski goggle headband;
  • Two clips on the front to hold the helmet's headlamp.
PETZL Meteor Climbing Helmet Front
PETZL Meteor Climbing Helmet Back
PETZL Meteor Climbing Helmet Inside


  • Durable;
  • Highly adjustable;
  • Affordable;
  • CE certified as a touring ski helmet.


  • Some buyers say that the EPS foam is relatively fragile.

Petzl Meteor Best Features



The PETZL Meteor has several foam pads on top and at the front, which is mostly why it is so comfortable. At the back is a flexible slider band, which held my head in place. It has a deep and stretched-out design; however, some parts don't include padding, which affected comfort. 

I also tried out the large version of the Meteor helmet, which was quite comfortable when I adjusted it. Without a doubt, the Meteor is a pleasant helmet. The way a helmet fits you mostly depends on the shape of your head. 

The PETZL Meteor is comfortable to wear thanks to its design, fit, foam, and padding. It padded my head well in the helmet's interior and absorbed the sweat as well. 

feature 2


When it comes to adjustability, this helmet is impressive. It is more flexible than most options I've used that feature nothing other than lightweight lattices to hold the helmet in place when wearing it. I adjusted it by loosening or tightening the band through the back of my head.

On either end of the band are flexible sliders that connect to small notches once you push them at the same time to loosen or tighten as you slow down the release buttons. The helmet was easier to adjust when it was on my hand, and once I wore it.

It has excellent adjustment options, making it an ideal option if you share it with someone else. As with any other helmet, the Meteor can be over-tightened, which may lead to discomfort. Therefore make sure you adjust it accordingly.

Besides the back adjustment, it has v-yoke suspends positioned to go round the ears, and they are highly adjustable, which contributes to more comfort. The chin strap has some magnets, which makes it possible for them to close automatically.

feature 3


The Meteor helmet weighs 8.5 ounces which is okay considering it's an EPS foam helmet. When I wore it, it was relatively light. Polycarbonate and EPS-made helmets are over 4 ounces more lightweight than ABS plastic ones. This weight difference might sound small, but once you wear them, you will feel the difference. 

feature 4


The Meteor has 21 ventilations spread out through the whole helmet. It is among the best-ventilated helmets in the market. Specifically, there are two large vents at the helmet's front, which is a position that mostly determined how cool I felt when wearing it. This is because it lets air enter the interior and move out through the back and side vents. 

feature 5

Headlamp Attachment

The Meteor PETZL helmet has one of the best headlamp attachment systems. At the front, it features two clips with tiny projections that are somewhat adjustable and straightforward to slide the headlamp strap beneath. 

I found a V-Shaped bungee positioned by a tiny hook across the top of the headlamp strap at the rear. Besides, this feature held the ski goggle straps in place. 

feature 6


While I cannot accurately tell you about the Meteor's long-term sturdiness or how much it can shield your head if you fall while climbing, I will tell you about the durability features it has. It does meet thе UIAA and CE specifications for safe climbing helmets.

Additionally, it is certified by CE as a reliable helmet for ski mountaineering helmet. The polycarbonate shell included in the Meteor helmet is designed to shield the EPS foam from everyday abuse. It is durable and thick, and it didn't display any blemish after I wore it for several mountain climbing adventures.

The Meteor helmet's shell is quite robust and impressively durable. On the other hand, its EPS foam can break or crack due to the impact resulting from a fall or blow; thus, ensure you check it very carefully if something happens to it. Also, you should stop using it if it sustains a powerful blow. 

feature 7


We all want to go out and have fun and still look good doing it, and when it comes to looks, the Meteor is a very good-looking helmet. It certainly has a better design than most helmets in the market. I liked its aesthetics and how it has a more modern look than other products. 

feature 8


While the PETZL meteor Helmet is quite pricey, its price tag is just about the lightweight EPS foam helmet's average price. There are other products within its range price, though I felt that the Meteor out-shines them in many ways, and I think it offers incredible value. 

Petzl Meteor Helmet Review


Overall the PETZL Meteor is an exceptional all-around helmet offering adequate protection, excellent ventilation, and lightweight. 

If you have avoided buying climbing helmets because you've had uncomfortable and heavy ones, I recommend you check out the PETZL Meteor.

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