July 4, 2020

Best Women’s Climbing Harness: Complete Review

by Jullie

In recent years the rise in the number of females participating in climbing has steadily increased. This includes indoor climbing, mountaineering, and rock climbing, and whether it’s one of these three or another climbing type, the need for a quality women’s climbing harness in order to climb safely is indisputable.

In addition to climbing as a leisure activity, women are also employed in many jobs and professions which may require the use of a climbing harness. Whichever the reason, if you are looking the best women’s climbing harness, our reviews will highlight five of the best to help you choose.

Best Women’s Climbing Harness Reviews

Top Women Harnesses


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1) Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness
Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness
Mad Rock Venus Climbing Harness
3) Edelrid Jayne II Women’s Climbing Harness
EDELRID - Jayne II Women's Climbing Harness
PETZL Women's Luna Waist Belt
PETZL Luna Climbing Harness
KwikSafety THUNDER Safety Harness

1) Black Diamond Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness

Our first of the best women’s climbing harness should be very suitable for new climbers as it is one of the simplest currently available, but the simplicity of it, doesn’t detract from its quality. This is the Black Diamond's Primrose Women’s Climbing Harness.

 Black Diamond Primrose Women's Harness


The first thing to point out about the Primrose women’s climbing harness is that it is produced by one of the leading manufacturers in this field, namely Black Diamond.

They have been making climbing equipment since the 1950s and have an excellent reputation for doing so. That being said, we cannot judge a climbing harness by its brand alone, so let’s look at it in more detail.

Best Women’s Climbing Harness

The leg loop may look basic, but their customization feature, called ‘trakFIT’, is so advanced, that it has a patent pending on it. This allows you to adjust the loops so that they fit securely around your legs while remaining comfortable. The loops are single bands of high-tensile nylon and provide excellent support.

Non-abrasive nylon is the main material used for the inner shell of the waist belt. The benefit of this is it reduces and rubbing, which can often cause irritation or pain, which is the last thing you need while climbing up a steep incline.

To save time and effort, the waist belt buckle is pre-threaded making it easier to adjust, and more importantly, negates the chances of you buckling it incorrectly. If you need to take any tools or equipment with you, there are four handy gear loops to carry them. Finally, you have a choice of six colors.


  • Very simple to use
  • Pre-threaded buckle for ease and safety
  • Non-abrasive inner shell
  • Four gear loops
  • Choice of six colors


  • Adjustment range is limited
  • Sizing varies from that specified

2) Mad Rock Venus Women’s Climbing Harness

Mad Rock Venus women’s climbing harness is another women’s climbing harness that could be described as "entry-level," however, there are many experienced climbers who use it, and more to the point, most of them rate it very highly.

Mad Rock Venus 4.0 Harness - Women's


The configuration of this women’s climbing harness is the traditional three-buckle type, which means on the waist belt and on each of the leg straps there is a buckle with which you secure each one.

On the waist belt, the riser on the back can be adjusted to suit the size of your waist, and likewise, on the leg loops, you can adjust each of the straps so that it fits correctly. Although there is little in the way of padding, for both standing and sitting in the harness when climbing, there is a reasonable degree of comfort.

This, along with the fact that the harness may feel stiff when new, makes this one which would be more suited to female climbers who prefer to have the harness worn on their hips.

This is designed to be a harness for all-round use rather than a specific climbing discipline with a high degree of strength, and decent mobility too. Other features which include four gear loops which will allow you to carry additional tools or ropes, and size options which go up to a waist size of 35 inches.


  • Multiple adjustments
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Robust and secure
  • Four gear loops
  • Size options


  • Very little padding
  • Materials feel very stiff when new

3) Edelrid Jayne II Women’s Climbing Harness

There is certainly no danger of you not being noticed when climbing with this harness thanks to its bright coloring, and its many features mean that you will be both safe and seen when using it.

EDELRID Jayne Climbing Harness


Knowing you are going to be safe when using a climbing harness is likely to be the first thing that everyone wants to establish when considering each of them, and in the case of the Edelrid Jayne II, we can put a tick in that box. 

For a start, it has CE certification, which is always a positive sign, and the materials feel strong and durable. Specific features include mesh padding on the waist belt to enhance your comfort when standing or hanging during any climb you undertake. 

This padding is also used in each leg loop to make them comfortable for you as well. Adjustments to the waistband are made using a rather unique feature. 

The webbing which bears the load actually slides within the padding and thus you keep the belay loop at the front as you increase or decrease the length of the waistband to fit. On the waistband and on each leg loop, the buckles are self-locking for safety.

Those of you who plan to use this for ice climbing will welcome the two ice screw attachments, and for all climbers, there are four gear loops for additional ropes or accessories. The Edelrid Jayne II also incorporates abrasion protection to enhance the durability and lifespan of the harness.


  • Unique sliding waistband adjustment
  • Self-locking buckles
  • Mesh padding for comfort
  • Two ice clipper slots
  • Four gear loops


  • Weighs more than most other harnesses
  • Rear loop is too small

4) Petzl Luna Women’s Climbing Harness

The Petzl Luna women's climbing harness, one of the best women’s climbing harness is designed for use in several climbing disciplines but will be especially welcomed by multi-pitch climbers thanks to its comfort, and multiple gear loops.

PETZL Women's Luna Climbing Harness


We’ll start with how comfortable this harness is when you are climbing with it, and in particular, the waist belt, which after all is the part most in contact with you.

It is extra wide which will help with its positioning, is contoured to the shape of your lower back, and it has meshed padding to further enhance your comfort when wearing it. This mesh padding is also used in the leg loops.

A further feature is the "EndoFrame" construction which enables equal weight distribution so that no single part of your body feels any more pressure than any other part.

Adjustments can be made to ensure the harness fits you snuggly and securely using the appropriate Doubleback buckles on the leg loops, and with the self-locking buckle on the waistband. Should you plan to carry additional equipment with you then you are well catered for thanks to multiple gear loops.

Specifically, there are two large fixed loops which can be used in conjunction with carabiners to carry larger items, and two rear loops, which are flexible and can be moved to the front if required. In addition, there is a large center loop for bigger items to be attached to, such as belay equipment.


  • Padded and contoured waist belt
  • Designed for equal weight distribution
  • Doubleback buckles to secure straps
  • Multiple gear and equipment loops
  • Self-locking waist belt buckle


  • Rear straps can rub
  • Padding not very breathable

5) KwikSafety Mandrill Climbing Harness

For a climbing harness with multiple enhanced features which enhances both your safety and your comfort, the KwikSafety Mandrill is certainly one which fits that description.

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness (Pass Through Connectors) OSHA ANSI Industrial Full Body Fall Protection Personal Equipment


If we take a look at its safety features first, the first point to make is that it has several official marks including ISO 9001, EN 12277 and CE certification. 

While all those letters and numbers might not mean much to you, they effectively tell you that this harness passes muster in terms of quality and reliability, having been tested and conformed to those standards.

The reasons for that include reinforced stitching, which is double layered, and the heavy-duty polyester used throughout the rest of the harness, allows it to have a weight limit of 310 lbs.

For comfort there is breathable padding used in the waistband and the leg loops. To adjust the waistband there are two metal buckles, with each leg loop capable of being adjusted to the most comfortable size. There are four gear loops around the harness, which are reinforced with heavy-duty plastic.

Finally, we must mention when you purchase this climbing harness you also receive a retractable bungee tool lanyard with a carabiner, for holding items weighing up to 10 lbs.


  • Double reinforced stitching
  • Multiple quality standards passed
  • Breathable padding
  • Heavy duty gear loops
  • Tool lanyard included


  • No instructions included
  • No size options


Having reviewed and carefully assessed all 5 of them, we have designated the Petzl Luna Women’s Climbing Harness as the best one. It has several features to make the harness as comfortable as possible including equal weight distribution, a contoured waistband, and meshed padding.

The Petzl Luna is also very easy to adjust, and with several gear loops making it possible to carry extra items of equipment, it is worthy of being our best women’s climbing harness. If you are climbing with your dog, read our review on the best dog rappelling harness.

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