March 24, 2021

Best Climbing Helmets for Big Heads

Not all humans have the exact sizes of heads. While some are averagely sized in this part of their bodies, some others have relatively bigger heads.

What this implies is that there are climbers that look specifically for climbing helmets for big heads.

For those who find themselves in this category, there are some cases in life when it becomes even more apparent. A good example is when it comes to searching for the ideal head gear and locating the helmets that have the proper dimensions. 

Climbing Helmets for Big Heads

It can even be more challenging for a climber as you cannot enjoy your activity without the correct kind of gear.

This is because relatively few of the helmets out there for climbers can fit you perfectly. Those who have been on this path before have already considered how should a climbing helmet fit.

We have examined and analyzed several climbing helmets for big heads, before coming up with the selections that are the best for you as far as the ideal climbing helmets for those with big heads are concerned.

You can also read our article about the best climbing helmet for small heads. It is apparent that we cannot make selections for the ideal size while compromising on quality, so the best thing is to create a comparison properly and consider all the parameters.

After all, the most important thing here is for you always to remain protected and safe when making use of your helmets. Before diving into the helmets that are specifically for big heads, it will be nice to discuss what science refers to as a large head. 

Best Climbing Helmet for Big Heads

Scientists have concluded that the average circumference for the head of an adult is around 58.4 cm.

The same applies to women, which are measured at 56.4 cm. Overall, anything larger than this can be considered big.

#1 Climbing Helmet for Big Heads: Vapor Helmet by Black Diamond 

Vapor Helmet by Black Diamond is from a very trusted brand, and it has several endearing features like the 360-degree area of coverage that it gives to the user. It weighs less than 200 grams, and that is an excellent bargain for the size.

The construction is another thing of this helmet is another characteristic that makes it a chosen one for the users. There is a layer of Kevlar inside the helmet, and this synthetic material is known for its inherent strength and ability to resist heat.

It is also widely used in armor, so it makes sense that it will be used for these helmets, and that is because of its relatively high ratio of strength to weight.

Kevlar has a lot more strength than steel and weighs a lot less in comparison. To ensure more significant levels of strength, there are carbon rods and polycarbonate structures in it. If you are a fan of the brand, we have created a list of the best black diamond climbing helmets.

#2 Climbing Helmet for Big Heads: Grivel Salamander

Grivel Salamander 2.0 is one of the largest helmets that you are going to see anywhere. It can take as much as 66 centimeters for the circumference, and it is even larger than some of the biggest heads.

Hence, there is a lot of room for the user, but the best thing here is that it is not just for climbers who have big heads but also for climbers interested in exploring the coldest regions.

#3 Climbing Helmet for Big Heads: Trango Zenith

Trango is a lightweight helmet and compact and can support up to 64 centimeters in circumference. It is particularly good for ice and rock climbing.

The molded and contoured foam construction gives protection from the rear, side, and top sections from all kinds of impacts.

It is also designed in a way that the user will not have to worry about obstructed vision or hearing. It can be said to be lightweight, but it is not the most compact on the shelves.

It is very compact, and users praise it for being lightweight as against the other harder models out there.

The inner layer ensures that there is a complete level of comfort for the user over prolonged periods of use. There is also a layer of light plastic that offers excellent protection for the molded foam.

It is versatile and can be utilized for other routine activities like ice climbing or ski mountaineering, and you can include a visor with it for maximum enjoyment. 

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