September 19, 2022

Descend as a Rock Climber Crossword Clue (Right ANSWER)

by Kevin

The answer to the crossword clue Descend as a rock climber with six letters is likely to be ABSEIL

descend, as a rock climber6ABSEIL

What Does Abseil Mean?

  • Abseiling involves descending a steep or vertical drop using a rope and mechanical friction device. Abseiling is also called rappelling.

Listed below are all possible answers to Descend As A Rock Climber crossword clue.

Descend as a Rock Climber Crossword Clue
Descend as a Rock Climber Crossword Clue
  • ABSEIL – Descend, as a rock climber
  • ACE – Rock it, as a test
  • AGATE – Banded rock
  • AMA – “I — Rock”
  • BELAY – Secure with rope, as a rock climber
  • BAND – Rock group
  • CLIF – Energy bar brand with a rock climber in its logo
  • CRASH – Go down, as a computer
  • CLIFBAR – Snack with a rock climber on its wrapper
  • CLIFF FACE – Challenge for a rock climber
  • CRAG – Handhold for a rock climber
  • DROP – Descend
  • DEDUCE – Derive as a conclusion
  • EMO – Rock variety
  • GORGE – Locale for a rock climber
  • HEAVE – Rise and fall, as a ship
  • INDIE – Nonmainstream, as rock music
  • IVY – Wall climber
  • JACK – Beanstalk climber in a fairy tale
  • RAPPEL – Descend, as from a mountain
  • RAPPELS – Descends, as a rock wall
  • RUNDOWN – Tired and exhausted, descend quickly
  • LAVA – Molten rock
  • LEDGE – Rest stop for a rock climber
  • LOWPOINT – Rock bottom
  • MOSS – Rock climber?
  • SHALE – Fissile rock
  • SCALER – Rock climber
  • SINK – Go down as a result of the wrongdoing of Kay
  • SINK TO THE BOTTOM – Descend as far as possible, as a shipwreck
  • SCRAMBLER – Secret communications attachment for a rock climber

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