October 21, 2020

The Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

by Brad

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Climbing shoes should be warm, but if your feet are wide, many of them are too tight for the shape of your foot. While shoemakers know that not all climbers have Cinderella's little feet, how do you know which shoes will fit your wide foot? 

Fortunately, we at Rappelling Equipment come here to help you find the the best climbing shoes for wide feet that fit you perfectly.

The Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Our research and the data collection show that the best climbing shoes for wide feet are:

  • Butora Acro Climbing Shoes
  • Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe
  • Boreal Climbing Lynx Shoe
  • Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe
  • Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva Skwama Rock Climbing Shoe
  • Butora Endeavor Rock Climbing Shoe
  • La Sportiva OTAKI Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Anasazi Climbing Shoe
  • Scarpa Drago Climbing Shoe
  • 1) Butora Acro Climbing Shoes

    Butora Acro Climbing Shoes

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for steep sport climbing or bouldering.
    • The Velcro straps help to keep your feet firmly in one place.
    • The upper part is made of German split-leather while the inner tongue is made of nylon mesh and silicone sponge.
    • It is a downturned shoe.

    Product Features:

    • The 3D injected midsole maintains an aggressive downturn.
    • The rubber toe is extended for securing toe hooks.
    • The simple hook-and-loop system helps in easy adjustment.

    Ideal when you do: Bouldering or Steep Climbing 

    Most Butora shoes for wide feet are available in two versions; wide as well as narrow climbing shoes. This Acro version is specially designed for mountain climbers who have wide feet.

    This aggressive downturned shoe performs exceedingly well even on steeper terrains. Wear this shoe and indulge in sport climbing or bouldering with ease.

    Butora Acro also provides absolute comfort. The extended tongue and Velcro straps make it easy to wear and remove this shoe. This pair of climbing shoes fit perfectly and secures your feet well. 

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for bouldering.
    • Hook-and-loop closure by Velcro straps.
    • The upper part is made up of microsuede synthetic leather.
    • Aggressively downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The double sole offers extra flexibility.
    • The microsuede upper is low-stretching.
    • With the Velcro strap, you can quickly get into and out of the shoe.

    Ideal when you do: Bouldering

    Scarpa Instinct VS is your perfect companion for bouldering. The two-part soul enables you to move the toe and the heel separately.

    The Bi-Tension system gives strength to the big toe without any pain. The hard Vibram XS Edge provides covering to your toes, and the soft XS Grip 2 provides the heel with a snug and secure fit.

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for all-around climbing.
    • The lace gives the shoe optimum closure.
    • Split leather is used on the upper part.
    • Moderately downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The anti-deformation midsole prevents feet deformation.
    • The padded-mesh, breathable tongue ensures comfort.
    • The rand provides security to the heel. 

    Ideal when you practice: All types of Climbing

    These climbing shoes have a moderate downturn, and they are very comfortable climbing shoes for wide feet. It fits well and is ideal for crack climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering.

    The manufacturer has designed the rand in a new way so that you can tighten it from your toes up to your heel.

    The Neoprene padded tongue keeps moisture away from feet. The upper leather stretches out. Read our full review on Boreal Dharma climbing shoes.

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for steep sport climbing and bouldering.
    • It has a hook-and-loop closure system.
    • The upper part is made of synthetic suede.
    • It has an aggressive downturn design.

    Product Features:

    • The toe box has extra space.
    • The rubber is thick on the high wear zones.
    • The front strap offers toe scumming.

    Ideal when you do: Bouldering or Steep Climbing 

    These rock climbing shoes for wide feet are aggressively and asymmetrically designed. It is helpful when you need to climb steep mountains.

    The Knuckle Box accommodates a tight fit and makes the shoe comfortable to wear. The Shamans are highly durable and have thicker rubber on, significantly higher wearing areas. Read our Evolv Shaman review.

    Thinner rubber is used in other places. With the stylish Velcro strap, you can easily pull up the sole to your foot arches. The Love Bump placed in the midsole region offers comfort and provides energy to your toes. 

    5) Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

    Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for gym climbing.
    • The closure includes Velcro straps.
    • The upper part is made of leather.
    • Moderately downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The leather upper of the product molds to your feet.
    • The lined toe box resists stretching.
    • With the dual Velcro straps closure, you can quickly wear and remove the shoes.

    Ideal when you do: Gym Climbing 

    The product is the best buy for you if you are looking for an affordable climbing shoes. These gym climbing shoes are tailor-made for beginners and inexperienced climbers. It is perfect to be worn for workout or gym sessions a Mad Rock Drifter's are definitely one of the best beginner climbing shoes for wide feet.

    This shoe is useful for people having wide feet. It has no unnecessary or extra features. It is a durable shoe that can be well-smeared on slabs when you are using it outside.

    The upper leather stretches to make room for wide feet, and the toe box fits well and provides support to your toes. These are the perfect indoor climbing shoes for wide feet.

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for crack climbing.
    • The closure is a hook-and-loop system of Velcro straps.
    • The materials used in the upper part are leather, microfiber, and rubber.
    • Aggressively downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The upper part made of microfiber and laser-cut leather reduces stretch.
    • The shoe sports a large-sized toe cap for toe hooking and cracks.
    • The LaspoFlex midsole is soft and provides better control.

    Ideal when you do: Crack Climbing

    These crack climbing shoes are a great buy. Though the shoe offers enough room for your feet, it slowly narrows down at the toes. Therefore, the Skwama fits into the cracks very easily and at the same time are ideal as a climbing shoes for big feet.

    The toe cap provides grip for your toe jams. The midsole gives sensitivity, and the sole sharpens the edges. However, the midsole fails to provide support while standing on microscopic edges.

    Skwama's upper laser-cut leather reduces stretch, but these shoes take some time before being perfect and comfortable to be worn on multi-pitch and long routes.

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for all-around climbing.
    • The Velcro straps provide perfect closure.
    • The materials used on the upper surface are synthetic and split leather.
    • It is neutrally downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The 100% organic hemp line decreases odor formation.
    • The firm upper heel provides complete stability.
    • The Webbing On straps provides a personalized fit.

    Ideal when you want: All types of Climbing

    This climbing shoe is perfect for all climbing adventures. It is an excellent choice for climbers having wide feet. Though it is not a very fancy shoe, it offers splendid performance. And as they are neutrally downturned, these are the best neutral climbing shoes for wide feet in our list.

    You can wear it for everything, be it bouldering or multi-pitch climbing. The triple-fork Webbing helps in getting the perfect fit.

    The leather at the back section gives absolute comfort, and the synthetic suede in the front part reduces stretching.

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for steep sport climbing.
    • The closure involves Velcro straps.
    • The upper material is a hybrid of leather and microfiber.
    • Aggressively downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The upper part is made of laser-cut leather and microfiber. It minimizes stretch.
    • The LaspoFlex midsole is neither too soft nor too hard. It offers the perfect blend of sensitivity and support.
    • The S-heel construction gives perfect heel hooking and offers you a snug fit.

    Ideal when you do: Steep Sport Climbing

    Due to the Vibram XS Edge rubber sole, the shoe is appropriate for wide feet and sticks well to the footholds' smallest. The thick rubber is long-lasting, offering maximum sensitivity.

    As a result of the P3 technology, the shoe comes with a specially designed Permanent Power Platform. This makes sure that the downturn remains as it is. With its powerful downturn, this shoe can be worn on steeper and rougher terrains.

    The S-heel construction retains the downturn for a lifetime and provides extra security to the heel hooks. The asymmetrical toe helps in technical climbing but is not entirely beneficial if you want to climb cracks.

    9) Five Ten Anasazi Climbing Shoe

    Five Ten Anasazi Climbing Shoe

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended for multi-pitch trad or sport.
    • Its lace-up closure places your feet firmly.
    • The upper material is polyester with a synthetic lining.
    • The asymmetrical curvature is moderate.

    Product Features:

    • The Cordura upper conforms snugly to your feet.
    • The stiff and synthetic midsole is supportive.
    • The hard Stealth C4 (4.2mm) rubber is durable.

    Ideal when you do: Multi-Pitch Trad

    The striking pink color of these multi-pitch trad shoes for wide feet add charm to your climbing adventure. The flat profile makes it perfect for technical and vertical routes. The Cordura leather upper conforms well to your feet. Also, if you have wide flat feet then this climbing shoes are good option.

    The Stealth C4 rubber hangs on in cracks. These shoes are perfect for slab climbing. The shoes lack the ideal downturn required for steep climbs. Read our Five Ten Anasazi Lace review.

    Putting this shoe on and off cannot be done quickly due to the lace closure. However, the shoe expertly handles multi-pitch climbing. The manufacturer has redesigned the heel for getting a narrower one that fits female feet better.

    10) SCARPA Drago Climbing Shoe

    Scarpa Climbing Drago Shoe

    Product Specifications:

    • Recommended used for steep sport climbing or bouldering.
    • It has Velcro straps in a hook-and-loop closure system.
    • The synthetic microsuede minimizes stretching.
    • Aggressively downturned.

    Product Features:

    • The thin and flexible sole provides optimal sensitivity.
    • The synthetic microfiber upper significantly reduces stretch.
    • The single strap closure makes it easy to wear and remove the shoes.

    Ideal when you do: Bouldering or Steep Climbing 

    The Vibram XS Grip 2 sole is so soft that you can feel almost everything your toes are placed on. Though they are unable to support for long routes, these climbing shoes are perfect for slab climbing.

    The aggressive downturn helps to go through overhanging and steep terrains. The robust heel adds extra security and is suitable for toe hooks. Scarpa Drago's are some of the best aggressive climbing shoes for wide feet on the market these days.

    The microfiber upper resists stretching, and these bouldering shoes are well-designed for wide feet. With the single hook-and-loop strap, this shoe is excellent for those who need to wear and remove shoes quickly.

    Things to Consider When Buying Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

    It is always crucial that your climbing shoes fit well, but when you have wide feet, it is even more challenging to be sure. Some brands like Butora offer a wide and narrow version of their shoes that will help you decide which models are best suited.

    Also, manufacturers usually provide sizing suggestions based on your streetwear size, so you can make sure you get the correct length shoes too. Trying on the shoes at your local gym is also a great way to see what works for you before buying a pair.

    We provides excellent tips for choosing a climbing shoe and deciding if it fits correctly. When you find the perfect pair of rock climbing shoes for broad feet, here are some maintenance tips, so you don't have to replace them for a while.

    1) Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet: Fit

    When buying climbing shoes, it is important to find shoes that fit your feet. Since climbing shoes are narrower than road shoes, they can be uncomfortable or painful when first putting them on.

    After a break, your feet should line up more closely with your feet, although some shoes stretch more than others, and not all extend to the sides to accommodate a wide foot.

    2) Wide Feet Climbing Shoes's: Comfort

    Although the upper is flexible to fit your foot, avoiding stretching. This prevents heels and toes that should fit into your foot right from the start. If the cupped heel or toe looks wrong on your foot, consider looking for a different shoe.

    Other factors that make a shoe comfortable like pads and mesh tongues that absorb moisture, help the shoe breathe, and control sweat and odor. Some of the good climbing shoes for wide feet also have tongue lining for added comfort.

    Best climbing shoes for wide feet

    3) Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Durability

    When you find the shoe that works for you, you want to make sure it lasts a long time, even if you're climbing all the time. In general, the thicker the rubber, the stronger it is.

    However, the thin rubber provides greater sensitivity for small kicks. You may have to decide what's most important to you and give up the other factor.

    If you choose to wear aggressive shoes, make sure that the shrinkage continues and doesn't lose its curved shape over time.

    Rock Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet Features Explanation

    How to put on, take off, and tighten shoes. Options include laces, Velcro, and insoles. Upper the material that makes up the upper part of a shoe.

    They are often made from leather or synthetic and can be lined, unlined, or even lined.

    1) Outsole

    The bottom of the shoe, which is made of climbing shoes, is a rubber. Brands often have their own rubber with different properties than others.

    2) Last

    Every shoe is usually built across a model called the latter.

    Climbing shoes on a platform provide higher sensitivity and are softer, while shoes built on a platform are stiffer but often more comfortable.

    3) Downturn

    How much your toes curl. Flat shoes usually tend to be more comfortable, and more aggressive (i.e., downward-facing) shoes provide a better performance, especially on steep walls.

    Climbers who are just starting should choose a neutral to moderate bearish trend.

    Rock Climbing Shoes for Women with Wide Feet

    It will be clear that a number of the shoes mentioned above are for men, which begs the question, what if you are a woman with wide feet? The first option you may decide to consider is to take a look at the women's versions of those models because they too will be broader:

    • Evolv Shaman LV (LV = low volume);
    • La Sportiva Miura VS Women's;
    • Five Ten Anasazi LV;
    • Unisex Shoes: Scarpa Boostic and Five Ten Anasazi Moccasym.

    If doing that does not prove fruitful, you may want to try the converse - hunting down the male version of your favorite climbing shoes. The logic with this is shoes designed to cater to men's feet will usually be wider than those for women.

    The advantage of this second strategy is you already know you like the design and manufacture of the shoe, so the only missing link is the fit.

    Climbing Shoe Brands for Wide Feet

    Each brand of climbing shoe has its very own unique shape, size, and fit. In essence, this lack of uniformity means that you cannot be certain a particular size will always fit: trial and error is the only way you will find out.

    La Sportiva shoes are intentionally made more narrow than most other brands as they are designed to act as a tight glove for the feet' to optimize flexibility and grip. However, there are a number of brands that manufacture shoes that will comfortably accommodate wider feet. These include:

    • Five Ten;
    • Evolv;
    • Scarpa;
    • Boreal.

    So, these brands are good ones to explore if you are looking for broader climbing shoes.

    People Also Asked Us:

    1) Do climbing shoes come in wide?

    Yes, climbing shoes come in wide. There are climbing shoes specifically designed for climbers with wide feet.

    2) Is Scarpa good for wide feet?

    Yes, Scarpa’s climbing shoes are good for wide feet. Some of the best climbing shoes for wide feet by Scarpa are Scarpa Instinct VS and Scarpa Drago.

    3) Are La Sportiva shoes wide?

    Yes, some of La Sportiva’s climbing shoes are good for wide feet. Some of the best climbing shoes for wide feet by La Sportiva are La Sportiva Skwama and La Sportiva OTAKI.

    4) Which are best aggressive climbing shoes for wide feet?

    Among the best aggressive climbing shoes for wide feet are:

    • Scarpa Instinct VS - Velcro Straps - Aggressive
    • Evolv Shaman - Velcro Straps - Aggressive
    • La Sportiva Skwama - Velcro Straps - Aggressive

    5) Which are best climbing shoes for wide flat feet?

    Among the best climbing shoes for wide flat feet are:

    • Scarpa Instincts - suitable for people with wide flat feet;
    • Five Ten Moccasyms - suitable for people with wide flat feet;
    • La Sportiva Miura Lace - suitable for people with wide flat feet;
    • 5.10 Anasazi Blanco - suitable for people with wide flat feet;
    • La Sportiva Tarantula and Oxygym -suitable for people with wide flat feet.

    6) Which wide climbing shoe is best for bouldering?

    Two models tie for first place: The La Sportiva Miura VS and the Evolv Shaman.

    7) What is the best all-around shoe for wide feet?

    We consider the Evolv Shaman to be an all-around premium climbing shoe for climbers with wider feet. Not only can it snugly hold broader feet, but it does everything well, meaning you can feel safe in the knowledge you will be able to climb in comfort and safety.

    8) What is the measurement for wide feet climbing shoes?

    Shoes for broader feet are usually ¼ to ½ to an inch wider than regular size shoes because that caters to most increases in the width of people's feet. As we mentioned earlier, trial and error in each specific case are likely to be the best way to determine which size will be best for you for any given pair of shoes.

    Walk around and wiggle your toes to ensure the shoes will be as comfortable and supportive as they will need to be when you're using them under the stressful conditions of a climb.

    The width of feet tends to fall in the range of 3.2 to 4.05 inches, depending on foot length. For example, women’s size 7 climbing shoes for broad feet will typically be 3.45 inches wide.

    The rankings on rappellingequipment.com are curated to save you time by aggregating the best reviewed products from the most reputable companies. We may receive a commission if you buy something using a link on this page.

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